Troubleshoot your laptop charger

Learn to know whether your laptop charger is broken or functional by following the easy steps mentioned in this article.

How to know about Broken Laptop charger?

When it comes to facing difficulties in charging the laptop, most of you find hard to detect whether the laptop charger is broken or not. No doubt, charger for laptop doesn't get as much care as the laptop gets. You care your laptop screen, its keypad and even its battery, but the charger of the laptop is something that many of you neglect most times. Keeping charger here and there and storing the laptop in a cupboard can be seen in many homes which results in buy Universal charger so early.

Oh, let's forget about it as the blog motto is to bring you to notice about whether the Laptop charger is broken or not. Check the connection of the charger with the electric board and the laptop. Sometimes, connection doesn't go well and you instantly come into the conclusion of broken charger. Check the connection thoroughly.

It may possible that the electric board or the laptop DC Jack is not working properly. The electric board power can be checked with the help of a power tester tool. If the electric board is working properly, there is a possibility of loose DC jack connection. If it is loose, it can be temporary fix. But to save your laptop, it's better to go to the DC jack specialist to repair it.

If the above measures don't work and you have a doubt of broken charger, you need to check the Laptop Battery first before reaching the conclusion. Flip the computer upside down and locate the batter latch. Open the latch and take out the battery to clean the battery connectors. For cleaning, you can use alcohol. Take a cotton swab and drop 2-3 drops of alcohol to it to clean the connectors. Let the connectors dry for 2-3 minutes and set the battery.

(Note: To check whether the charger is working or not, you can take the battery of the laptop out and connect the charger with it. See if the laptop powers on with the charger only, it means you need to change the laptop battery.)

If the above measures fail, it means there is something wrong with your charger. Check the cords of the charger to check their tear and loose connection with the adapter. If the adapter light doesn't change or doesn't blink, it is possible that you need to buy the charger of the same brand of which your laptop is or buy Universal charger. Ensure about the model number so that you will buy the one that fits perfectly to your laptop.

Purchasing a laptop charger is not very daunting. There are several online and offline stores that offer branded chargers. To make your purchasing a charger much convenient and cheaper, you can go with online shopping.

There are many online charger stores offer several brands charger in one roof and most of them offer up to 20% discount on their products.

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Guest Author: Elizabeth P.13 Sep 2012

Good news for Laptop users, now Universal charger helps to increase the longevity of our laptop. By the way, how much Universal charger will cost?

Yes, my laptop DC Jack is not working so I need to buy quality and branded Universal charger.

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