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Here is a list of the most awesome electronics and gadgets. Read this article to learn more about these gadgets along with specifications.

I am a Gadgets freak and will love anyone who gifts me one of the latest gizmos especially in the holiday season. I am sure there are many like me who would want a neat gadget for Christmas. The good news is this year there is an abundance of awesome gadgets in the market to pick from since most key players have launched new technology based devices.

I have picked the most awesome gadgets for Christmas. Hopefully this will simplify your search for the perfect gift. Remember, you could never go wrong with a cool gadget or electronic item at Christmas.

Most awesome gadgets for 2012 Christmas

The year 2012 is the perfect candidate to go down the annals of the history of technology as having seen the birth of some of the most ground-breaking technologies; and major companies coming out with novel gadgets. Microsoft, Google, Apple and a host of other manufacturers are vying for a spot on the top.

New technologies have affected every possible gadget and electronic device. There is a whole new range of tablets and hybrid phones. Then there is the awesome range of multi-media devices launched by key players such as Sony, Nintendo, Google, Microsoft and Apple which will change the way people live their lives. The new range of electronic devices are no longer going to be mere play stations or used for viewing movies. Read on and be surprised at how technology has changed things around you.

Below is a list of some of the most awesome gadgets that you could buy in 2012

Awesome tablets in stores this year

I'll begin with the top tablets that are available with a brief description of their features.

Microsoft Surface Tablet

Microsoft unveiled its latest product; a Tablet PC with an all new Windows 8 Operating System (OS). The idea behind Microsoft launching a tablet supported by its newly launched OS is that it can use its own groundbreaking technology in building a device that can give the Apple iPad and Apple's MacBook Air a run for their money. Microsoft is clearly targeting the dominance of the two by launching an innovative product with better features.

The build-up to the product is immense and it looks like it will live up to expectations. The Intel core i5 Processor (Ivy Bridge) and an ARM the device is all set to take over the market. The hybrid device is a smart amalgamation of a Tablet and an Ultrabook. It also has a removable keyboard. Considering its smart features this tablet could definitely destabilize the iPad's monopoly in the market.

The prototype that was unveiled looks very promising. The specifications are excellent and the complete appearance looks good. It should be up for grabs by October 2012.

iPad with Retina Display

Many people dislike tablets because they find it difficult to read the small print on the screen. With the iPad reading becomes easy because of the advanced technology they use in their tablets. As a result all Apple's iPad come with amazing Retina Display. This innovative feature marks a huge improvement in the iPads performance. The result is sharper pictures and displays which makes it easier to work on the tablet.

The Tablet PCs has been on top of the list as being the best in the market for a long time and for good reason. It can easily be called the sharpest tablet PC because of its features, applications, high performance, superior quality and the Apple tag. It will be difficult for the big names like Microsoft and Google to actually dethrone the iPad from its numero uno position.

Samsung Galaxy Tab II

Samsung is also a name to reckon with. The Galaxy II is a powerful device even though its screen is slightly smaller than the iPad. At approximately $250, the Galaxy II is a spectacular device. It is powered by Google's Android and has some really terrific applications that allow you to manage and organize multi-media devices. It would be a good selection for a gift even tough Samsung has announced the ATIV S series powered by Windows 8 Operating System.

Lenova Yoga

Microsoft unveiled Windows 8 the new operating system (OS) in the recently concluded IFA at Berlin. This has led to a scuttle amongst tablet and laptop manufacturers to design new touch screen interfaces using the Windows 8 OS. As it has the latest technology and is superior to the other operating systems. Not to be left out of the race Lenovo has launched its new product. It is an innovative blend between a tablet and an ultra book. The device is designed with a 13" screen and has a multi-touch capacitive touch screen and is truly a novel product that gives the tablet an all new meaning.

Google Nexus VII

This year is definitely a year for a whole new range of devices by known names. The latest to join the bandwagon is Google. It is using its own Android operating system to design a unique tablet which is a mere expansion of its Smartphones. The tablet is not in the same league as Microsoft and Apple devices, but is comparable with Noble Nook, Kindle and Barnes.

The most awesome game consoles in 2012

There is always something new happening in the console market. Consoles are no longer gaming devices, with the latest technical transformations introduced by Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo, the way a user controls his/her home has been redefined. Here is a look at what is new among the top three PlayStations in the market today.

PlayStation Vita

The PlayStation Vita is a hand held console with an amazing selection of Play Games. As a matter of fact the number of games on this device is much more than what can be expected in a hybrid Smartphone. Not only are the types and numbers of games superior the way the user can control these games is also advanced.

The PlayStation Vita is enabled to network with the PS3. It comes with the conventional buttons and analog stick and also has a touch screen and touch pad making it more than a simple console.

Microsoft Glass

Microsoft is flooding the market with a whole new range of innovative products. One such product that is coming out of the stables of Microsoft can be used gaming. It is not a gadget but is an Applications that is designed to interact with XBOX and the majority of multimedia devices such as televisions, tablets and smart phones.

Microsoft has designed the functions of the application similar to the Wii U. The user can interact with an existing game and also get data about characters in television shows using this application. All credit to this new application for making XBOX shift from being another gaming device to a living room multi-media gadget.

The Nintendo Wii U

The new gaming console should be in the stores in time for the holiday season. What's new with the Wii U, well quite a lot! The obvious change is the incorporation of the second screen in the conventional console. The second screen can work alongside the Wii U to give extra functionality to games.

The Wii U is not just another gaming device. It has other uses as well such as – the device can be used for viewing maps and seeing list and records. It can also be transformed into a hand held console with simple streaming of the game. Though the specifications are not out yet it is rumored that it will host Blu Ray DVD, High definition Graphics and a lot of other interesting never before seen features making it more a multimedia device.

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