Must have Google Chrome Extensions and Plugins

Are you looking for some awesome plugins and extensions for Google Chrome? If yes, read this article and install these fascinating plugins in a single click.

Google Chrome is one of the most used browsers in the world. So, I have listed some awesome plugins and extensions which would be useful for you. Check out the plugins and extensions given here and install those you need.

Facebook Photo Zoom:
Facebook photo zoom integrates Google Chrome with Facebook. Once the installation is done, the profile photo or any image in Facebook albums can be easily zoomed.

Google Mail Checker:
The google mail checker is used to show the number of unread mails in the inbox. Once the installation is done, there appears a small mail button next to the url. It shows the number of unread mails in your gmail account. User can click on the mail button to redirect to the inbox.

IE tab:
The IE tab allows you to access a web site in Internet Explorer from Google Chrome. This extension is useful when accessing those web sites which can be accessed only in Internet Explorer. It has auto URL exclusion.

Adblock blocks all advertisements from web pages. Once this extension is installed, it automatically identifies the ad scripts on the opened web page and blocks them. So, using Adblock, the user can view the web pages without any advertisements.

Download Master:
Download Master downloads files from internet. All images, PDF, videos, docs and other files linked on the web page can be downloaded using this extension. User can set filters to choose the same type of file or a set of files. It downloads the required files from the download link sent to it.

Google Translate:
Google Translate translates the web page content. Once the installation is done, a button will be added to the browser toolbar. If the language is different from the chrome language preferences, a banner will appear when the user clicks on the button. User can select the language to which the web page content should be translated and then click on the translate button on the banner. This will translate the language of web page content to the language the user selected.

Google Dictionary:
Google Dictionary shows you the definitions of words on web page. You just have to double click on the word. When the user double clicks on the word, the definition opens in a small popup bubble. The address bar helps to view the complete definition of the word. You can view the same definition in multiple languages.

Docs PDF/PowerPoint Viewer:
Docs PDF/PowerPoint Viewer allows you to view the PDF or power point files without even downloading them. Once the installation is done, user can preview the PDF or PowerPoint files in Google docs.

Stylish adds themes to Facebook. There are 100s of themes available from which you can select a theme of your choice.

It converts Flickr images into slideshow. Once the plug-in installation is done, user can turn the photo sites such as Flickr & Picasa into slideshow.

Web Developer:
It helps the web developer in developing web pages. Once the installation is done, a button will be added to the toolbar. It provides lot of web developing tools using which a developer can design web pages.

Screen Capture:
Using this plug in, web pages can be captured and saved in image format. The visible content of tab, a region of web page or the whole web page can be captured and saved in PNG image format. Another advantage of this plug-in is that the user can edit the image before saving it.

Last pass:
Last pass is an online password manager. It can also be used for filling forms. Once the plug-in is installed, it saves the password securely and these passwords can be then filled in the web forms. This saves a lot of time. It makes the web surfing protected and effortless.

Chrome Bird:
Chrome Bird helps in managing twitter accounts. Once it is installed, user can follow the time lines and interact with the twitter account in a single click of button. Using this plug-in, you can re-tweet others' tweets or post your tweets very easily.

Chrome TV :
It is a free plug-in. It allows you to watch online TV from the Google Chrome browser. It provides more than 3,000 TV channels which can be watched from any part of the world. It does not require any registration to use this plug-in. Users can watch their favorite movies, sports or channels on their computers using the Chrome web browser.

Flash Block :
It blocks the flash contents on web pages. Once the plug-in is installed, it blocks the flash contents of the web page and loads the page as white list. This can be used as an alternative for ad block plug-in. The blocking of flash contents reduces the unwanted memory consumption on computer.

Google Voice :
Google Voice helps in making calls. Once the plug-in is installed, a small button will appear in the toolbar. The user can make calls by clicking on this button. It also shows the number of unread voice messages. User gets an audible alert for each new voice message. User can also initiate calls or send free SMS by typing the contact number or name in the Google Voice box.

Chrome SEO :
Chrome SEO allows the website & blog owners to check the rank of their blogs or websites. It allows user to check the number of back links and indexed pages of any website. It also provides the domain details like Whois, DNS, IP & server location.

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Author: Vilas11 Nov 2012 Member Level: Gold   Points : 3

Google chrome is widely acceptable browser now and many of us browsing only through it. Thanks for nice plugins and extensions for Google Chrome.

I want to add one more Plugin that you missed i.e. Google Publisher Toolbar, this app is much valuable for AdSense user.

Also other cool plugins and apps available in Google Chrome store check it out.

Author: avinash pandey17 Nov 2012 Member Level: Silver   Points : 4

popularity of google chrome is not hidden from any one.One of the most amazing thing about that makes it stand out from all other browsers is the amazing range of extension that are available for the users of chrome.From the very basics plugins such as those for downloading youtube videos to that for manipulating cookies all are available for chrome users.A very useful post giving details of most the commonly used plugins.

Author: sowjanya30 Mar 2013 Member Level: Bronze   Points : 10

It is an impressive extension for a Google chrome that allows you to block all the advertisements on every web page.After installing this extension or plugin when you open any web page, this extension automatically detects the ad scripts and block them from loading this enables the user to browse the web pages without any ads and saves time from loading unnecessary content.

This extension allows you to add more popular themes to your social networking sites.There may be hundred's of themes available for downloading.we can select your best stylist themes based on your interest.

Google Mail Checker
This is an amazing extension for mail checking.After installing this extension a small button appears the right side of the web browser which displays the number of unread messages in your g mail account,by clicking the button it redirects to inbox.

Facebook Photo Zoom
By installing this extension allows you to zoom any images on Facebook. You can zoom on the images present in the albums present in the Facebook and as well as profile photos.

Download Master
It is a default extension manager for Google Chrome.If you want some more advancement in the download manager then you can download Download Master extension.This makes easier to download files from the internet.

Instead of opening the downloads page in the google chrome by tools option and downloads button,this extension allows the user to check the downloads fastly instead of going to tools and then into the downloads. All you need to do is install this extension and after installation a button will appear near the address. You can click that button to open the downloads page.

Docs PDF/PowerPoint Viewer
By simply installing this extension you need not to download any PDF or power point files to view them.You can preview any pdf /power point files from Google Docs easily

Mega upload Download Helper
This extension helps in starting the downloads after the time limit.

Screen Capture
This extension is useful when a user want to capture the web pages as saving it as a image.You can also edit the captured web image before saving them.

Web Developer
This is a prefect extension for web developers.Various web developing tools will be added to the toolbar automatically by installing this plugin.

By installing this plugin you can slide show your images from your favorite photo sites.
This extension shows you
1. Latest releases,
2. most popular Albums,
3. public play lists.

When you find something on the web that you want to view later, you can put it in Pocket.It automatically syncs to your phone or computer so that you can view it at any time even with out the internet connection.

Google Maps
This extension provides users with powerful, easy to use mapping technology and local business information.

By installing this plugin you can share the right things to right people.
you can create 1.Circles which helps in sharing .
2. Hangouts helps in face to face chat.

This plugin will automatically geolocate you when installing, and display the closest city weather forecast.

Live Online TV 24/7
This app allows you to watch Live Online TV directly from your browser

Save to Google Drive
This extension allow you to save web content directly to Google Drive through a browser action. You can save links to documents, images, and HTML5 audio and video all by right clicking and selecting 'Save to Google Drive.we can share all documents or pictures to others

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