Samsung launches Smartphone ATIV S powered by Windows 8 with new exciting features

The Samsung Smartphone ATIV S powered by Windows 8 is getting the attention of gadget freaks and the tech savvy alike. This article discusses the incredible features available in the Smartphone. Read on to know how Samsung ATIV S Windows 8 phone is better than the previous Android models made by Samsung.

The Samsung Smartphone ATIV S is the first handset made using Microsoft's Windows 8 mobile software. The phone was unveiled way before the expected announcement of the Nokia's Lumia 920. Is the ATIV S better than the Android version? One thing is assured the phone is loaded with smart features and is definitely an improvement on the Android versions.

What's new in the Samsung Smartphone ATIV S, read on to learn about its best features –

Improved Startup Screen Appearance

The whole concept of the new Windows 8 by Microsoft is to make it user friendly. There are a number of features added that will enhance the performance and make it a better experience for the user. One such welcome change is the feature of being able to resize the tiles (icons) on the screen. This incredible feature allows the user to add end number of tiles on the screen. All the user needs to do is resize the existing tile and add new ones on the homepage. The advantage of having all the tiles on the home page is access of applications is easy as they can be placed on the startup screen without giving it a cluttered look.

Easy Tracking Of Data Usage

Another user friendly addition in Samsung Smartphone ATIV S is the Data Usage Alert feature. Usually users have to physically verify the data usage on the mobile while surfing the net. Checking data manually with the help of AT&T application can be painful. However, with the Windows 8 OS the tracking function is automated. There is another advantage to the automatic data alert, the size of the page to be downloaded gets resized and reduced and it enables faster download each time along with less usage of data.

Updates on News and Movies

The user can stay abreast with the latest news and get updates on newly released movies as well. News is just a click away as the smart phone does away with the need of having to search for it online. Windows 8 comes preloaded with Bing which will be supplying all the news updates. There is no requirement of downloading or launching third party apps for getting reviews on the latest movies as this info is also available through Bing.

View Maps Offline

The user does not have to be online to access maps. Maps can be viewed on the Windows 8 powered phone even when one is offline. The phone is available with preloaded maps which come in handy for searching for desired locales. This awesome feature saves on data usage and battery power.

Me Tile

The Me Tile feature will be available to users. They can use this feature to customize the screen lock and enable receiving of alerts of messages.

Bing Enabled Deals

The Smartphone brings in a lot of convenience to the user because of its association with Bing. ATIV S users will not be lost in a new city as Bing presents the best deals in their present location. There is no need to ask strangers for help for locating places or deals as Bing will provide relevant information to the users whichever city the user is in.

E- Wallet

One of the best features of the Samsung Windows 8 powered smartphone is the E Wallet. Users can shop using the E- wallet and will not feel the need to carry neither cash or card with them. Another advantage of the E Wallet is it can be used on all deals available through Bing, which makes it so much convenient.

Card Data Swapping Enabled

The Windows 8 phone comes with card data swapping facility which allows quick data swapping between various devices. For instance it will allow users to exchange contents from an SD card and use it for transferring stored images, music and files on a PC.

ATIV S Smart Features In A Nutshell

There are some smart changes incorporated with the new kernel that is used in the OS, which will allow users to port a PC into the mobile.
The phone has a 4.8" AMOLED display with a resolution of 1280x720 pixel and corning 'Gorilla' glass which is superior than the Galaxy S3 series.
Additionally the Samsung Smartphone is Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and NFC enabled.
It has a 2300mAh battery and 1.5GHz dual core processor.
The phone comes pre-installed with MS Office and Windows 8.
The user gets a 1GB RAM and micro SDHC support.
There are two cameras installed on the phone, the front facing is 1.9 megapixel VT and the rear camera is 8megapixel with LED flash.
The phone is 8.7mm wide, 137.2mm long and 70.5mm broad.


The one thing that looks assured with the Windows Phone 8 is that it has better features than the Android version developed by Samsung because it is based on NT and new Kernel. Windows 8 has the latest technology which is what makes the phone desirable.

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