Windows Phone 8, Android Jellybean and iOS 6 : An Awesome Comparison

In this article we will see detailed comparison of Windows Phone 8 vs iOS 6 vs Android Jellybean. Read more on this article to know the features and pros and cons of the three latest mobile OSs. Read the article to witness the awesome comparison and find which is the best for you.

The month October will be the revolutionary month of the year, because, the world is going to witness the greatest battle of all the smartphone Industry. And it is between the upcoming Windows Phone 8, Android and the iOS6. Till day, the smartphone industry was ruled by the mighty Androids and iOS. And this battle is to find out, who is going to be the next one, after the arrival of Windows Phone 8.

There are rumors that, Microsoft is trying the maximum to make their product a great one, that is going to take over the smartphone world. At the same time, Google and Apple is going for the higher versions o the existing OS with a bunch of upgrades and features. Lets see who will score more points in this comparison between the famous Mobile OSs, Windows Phone 8 vs Android 4.1 Jelly bean vs Apple iOS6. The competition really is the thing that makes the comparison an awesome one and lets see the features one by one
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In this article we are going to compare each and every minute details of the 3 OSs and make results out of it and score it accordingly. Lets see waht are the pros and cons of the 3 major OSs while comparing one to the other.

User Interface in Windows Phone 8, Android Jelly Bean and iOS

The major thing that attracts the user into the phone is the user interface itself. If a phone has good and pleasent UI they will pick it up easily. They are lookin fot UI with good looks, less complexity and customozation options. And here lets see who scores.
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iOS 6:
In the case of iOS, the UI has been the same from the beginning. Its just simple UI, that will help the user to get his job done and is pretty attractive too.

The icons are shaped differently from any other OS with round edges and big size has been a mark of Apple. It has not been changed much from its first version to the last and what they might like is the constant style that they have. It helps the user to sort out the icons into folders and so on.
Android Jelly Bean:
The Google has made the revolutionary changes in case moblie operating systems, because , within a short span, Android has take down the world by its UI and custumization options. Actually it lets the user to completly customize the UI and widgets according to the needs. And another thing is that, the user can place the favorite and frequently used items on the homescreen anyway you want. It also allows the user to resize the widgets too. And the UI is not that much complex. And these may be the reason that took the Andoid to the top. and with the arrival of the Jelly bean, things got even better that it has made more interesting and attractive.

Windows Phone 8:
The UI of the upcoming Windows Phone 8 is much impressive, compared to the other two OSs. Because of the feautre, 'live tiles'. Pretty appreciable feature that lets the user to know each updates just by a glance, not even by opening it. And this is the plus point for Windows Phone 8. The new OS comes with a new feature that the size of the tiles can be changed from large, medium and small. Another thing is that the UI itself is more colorful than other too OS and will surely attract the crowd. The word done by Microsoft in making such a UI that makes it simple and attractive is appreciable.

Availability of Apps in Windows iOS, Android and Windows Phone 8

The next thing that every one considers after the UI is the availability of the apps. The apps in the device will surely attract more and lets see the application availability for the 3 OSs.
iOS 6:
In case of iOS, the apps available in the Apple store is increasing in a high rate, making it in the top of the list. This is because of the great work of the Apple in making the apps, in the exact smae way the user wants. And the number is about 650,000 now and it is increasing second by second. So, if you are looking for the iOS, you will not feel any shortage of apps and will always be a touch away from the App Store.
Android Jellybean:
Although the Android became famous lately, the thing that made it to that state is the apps. The availability of apps in Google Play store is comparable to the Apple's. Because it has reached about 600,000 now, and is expected to overtake the iOS in near future, because, people are seen migratrating from other OS to Android, because of wide range of apps available and the user will not feel any lack of apps in case of Android too.
Windows Phone 8:
One of the major thing that led to the breakdown of the Windows mobile OS may be the lack of availability of apps. The Windows Mobile OS, being the fresh, has only a less number of apps, compared to the other two OS. And as a part of the release of Windows Phone 8, Microsoft is trying maximum to increase the number of apps, and make it a hit. And now, it is said that, the number has reached 100,000 now, in Windows Market. By this, it is expected to make the upcoming Windows Phone 8 a big hit.

Maps in Windows Phone 8, Android and iOS

Now a days, the thing that makes a device a real smartphone is the navigation. To know the exact point, where you are now is a major milestone in the industry. And lets see the feaures of Maps in the 3 OSs.
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iOS 6:
Now iOS has managed to make up a Map sevice like the other Android and Windows OS of their own. And earlier it was by the Google. The features includes traffic updates, points of interest, 3D maps, turn-by-turn navigation etc . are the things that makes the iOS a bit different. Now it is powered by TomTom. And they din;t just added a mapping up to the OS, but included some great feautres too.
Android Jellybean:
Android is doing the maps thing through the Google Maps, which is integated with it. And comes with a lot of great features like the other too. It also supports turn-by-turn navigation, street views, and it allows user to look inside notable locales with compass more nad gyroscope which is not in other OSs. It also gives 360 degree interior views too. Truely, the Maps in Android is attractive and pretty useful.
Windows Phone 8:
In Windows Platfor, the maps are provided by Microsoft's Bing maps and the maps come to its pure form only with Nokia. It offers turn-by-turn navigation, 3D buildings, offline catching and much more. The features in Windows Phone 8 is not that good compared to other two, but it is useful and does the job.

Social Networking in Windows Phone 8, Android and iOS

The social netwrking has achived a totaly different level, by the arrival of Facebook and Twitter and we can see all the three has done their maximum to promote the social networking and has also provided dedicated apps for each of them. It really helps people to love it.
iOS 6:
We can see the social networking has took its place all over the iOS 6 and now they are making the iOS 6 completly integrated by introducing the Facebook itegration. By this user can share and upload images, videos etc to the network with the dedicated apps and helps you to keep in touch with all.
Android Jellybean:
Android has provided the social network integration all along the OS. Especially Facebook and Twitter. Facebook integration is everywhere in the OS and has the sharing in almost all apps. And it also gives Facebook contacts, that adds up profile info to your contacts. The Social Networking in Android is pretty smart.
Windows Phone 8:
The Socila Networkin has been the key feature of the Windows Mobile OS. And it integrates almost all features like status update, photos, chat, contacts and even Events to People, Messaging, Calender etc of Microsoft. And it can be considered as the best ontegration of the Social Networking. It gives acces to LinkedIn, Twitter, Windows Live, along with Facebook.

We haven't seen all the features regarding a mobile OS but still the article will be help full for those who are in a dilema of chosing between iOS6, Android Jellybean and Windows Phone 8. And from the comparison it became clear that each OS has its own importance in one or another feature and scores more or less in a particular feature. And that particular feautre cannot decide the whole perfomance. Although the year 2012, is going to withness the clash of the latest Mobile OSs from major Mobile OS manufacturers, which are Microsoft, Apple and Google.

And the final result, that is, whic OS is more simple, attractive, smooth etc will be decided by the user itself. And by the month October, we will surely get the answer. And we can say, each OS is an actual masterpiece from its parents for sure. And the, winner? That is up to the user that which OS is the best and awesome.


Guest Author: Asj20 Nov 2012

Nice comparison, I think still Android is best mobile OS outside US.

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