Prototype - Game Review

Prototype is an action - adventure mixed game developed by radical entertainment and published by Activision. Read this review along with gameplay and other features explained.

Prototype is an action game developed by Radical entertainment and published by Activision in 2009. The background of this game is New York city, where a serious plague is spreading through Manhattan. Those who are affected by this virus are transformed into monsters due to mutation. At the center of this situation our hero, Alex Mercer comes into action.

Alex has got some super human abilities while he was forcefully subjected to genetic engineering on his body and he lost his memory during the process. This game develops on how Alex is trying to gain his memory.


Story of Prototype

The story begins as Alex Mercer wakes up in the basement of GENTEK, a genetic engineering company. He then realizes he had forgotten everything while he was unconsciously lying there. Alex somehow escapes from that place but the military force track down him and tries to kill him. Alex survives even after the bullet passes through his heart and from then he started to realize his super human abilities, strength, speed and most importantly the ability to consume people in order to gain their memories.

Alex decides to find and consume people in order to uncover the truth. During his journey Alex faces two problems - the mutated monsters and the BLACKWATCH military force lead by Cross who is trying to find and kill Alex. Later Alex finds out about his sister and with her help Alex infiltrates the GENTEK facility. Alex gets into a fight with Cross during his quest and Cross injects a parasite into Alex, which slowly kills him. Alex seeks help from Dr.Ragland, a doctor of GENTEK facility.

Ragland removes the parasite from Alex and turns it to a biological weapon which Alex later injects to Cross which will turn Cross in to a monster, supreme hunter which will be killed by Alex.
During his quest Alex receives a phone call from an unknown caller who helps him to find correct way. As game passes by Alex discovers his own past. When a leak occurs in GENTEK, BLACKWATCH tries to shut it down. Alex grabs a sample of BLACK LIGHT, the virus for insurance. With the help of the unknown caller, Alex pump a new BLOODTOX, a biological agent with will drive the virus from underground to surface, where it can be fought and destroyed.

Alex consumes general Randall, the head of BLACKWATCH and came to know from his memories that he is going to destroy Manhattan by a nuclear weapon. Alex came to know the unknown caller was Cross. Once Alex consumes Randall, Cross turns in to a supreme hunter and tries to kill him. But Alex kills the supreme hunter and takes the nuclear weapon in to the ocean. The weapon explodes, along with Alex. His remains flows backs to the city but suddenly he regenerates after consuming a crow. The story mode of the game finishes there and from there on Alex can roam in the city and eliminate military as well as infected peoples.

Gameplay of prototype

Alex's primary super power is the shape shifting ability by consuming others which also helps him to regain his health. As game proceeds, Alex gets more super human powers such as Bade arm, Claws, Whip fist, muscle mass, hammer fists, thermal vision and infected vision which allows him to see infected people in a crowd. As credits increases Alex can upgrade his weapons and abilities.

Along with Ale's given abilities he can take his defeated enemies weapons and vehicles. Alex's most powerful attack is devastators, which requires that Alex should in critical mass, a point where Alex is going to die and also at the point where Alex is having full life and biomass which causes heavy damage surrounding Alex. While sprinting, Alex can hop over cars, small vehicles and other obstacles without losing momentum. The game comes with the parkour style moves, attacks, and abilities. The animation and movement of the game is excellent and smooth. This game is both fun and exciting to play.

Pros of prototype
The game was excellent one. Nice and super attacks and abilities. Fun and exciting game even from the beginning.

Cons of prototype
The is a single player game and not available in multi player mode. There is difficulty in controlling some of the attacks and moves.

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