Using GPS in Smartphones

Read this article explaining how to use GPS feature available in smartphones. Learn some useful and essential things that can be done with GPS.

Technology has advanced so much and we are using it knowingly or unknowingly. Almost all of us have cell phones and most of them are smart phones with GPS. Most of us don't know the What is GPS?Still we are using it every second of life. I am not going too much details of what is GPS, rather I would explain some cool ways to use your GPS enabled phone. But lets take some inside in GPS.

What is GPS?

GPS stands for global positioning system. That means this technology has capability to display your correct location on online maps. This technology uses satellite signals to capture your current position and locate you and your device on online map. Got some point! Lets come to the topic of this article. How can you use the GPS enabled phone efficiently? So here are the ways to use your GPS enabled smart phone more smarter than ever.

1. Find out the best way to your destination.

From above paragraph or from your prior knowledge in this subject, it is a known fact now that you can find your exact position on your GPS enabled phone. This feature can be used to find out shortest path to your destination. If you explore the options of maps on your GPS enabled phone you will get one option under the heading 'Get Directions'. You can set your current position as starting point and your destination as final point and click 'OK'. It will show you the shortest path to your destination.

Fix your date or meeting with specific location on the map.

So if you have decided to go for date or to meet someone or you are required to go for meeting somewhere, you can fix your location with date. So that you can get reminder of your meeting. You can also look for around places that may be visited on the way. There many applications like foursquare, Zomato etc. which will tell which friends can you meet on the way and other places like restaurants, cinema halls, shopping malls etc.

3. Use your phone to be fit and healthy.

Yes now your smartphone can help you to be healthy and fit. If you are runner or walk for health every morning, then you can use these applications to track things like distance you covered, calories you lost and lot. There many applications that will track these things for you for every platform like iOS, Android, Windows phone.

4. Spy on your buddies.

No you can't spy on your buddies or you can not get their exact location but yes you can track them. You can use Google latitudes to track the locations of your buddies. This application is accessible from your PC also but when you are on the go then you can use this service from Google on your phone also. This service is also available for almost all the platforms of smart phones.

5. Tag your photos with locations.

Now you can tag your photos with the location, where they been shot and show your count of photos on the online map. This makes your friends jealous and you will be happy. Also you can own place online on the map like your home, shop and give them name which will be shown to other users.

You will require to use some other applications that fetch data from GPS and maps but we can use these features for making our life more easy and fun.

GPS enabled phone can also enhance your online social life as there many applications that can be used to share your GPS and map data with these social networking sites. So be ready to explore things your devices because technology is bringing you new eggs daily!

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