Windows Phone 8 Features

Windows phone 8 has been announced by Microsoft recently. Read more on this article know what are the unique features that makes it special from its predecessors.

Microsoft has recently announced the latest mobile Operating system, which is Windows Phone 8 or WP8. The new OS is considered to bring out the new revolution in smartphone industry and there is news that, major smartphone manufacturers are coming forward with devices running on the latest Windows OS. Samsung and Nokia has took the first place by bringing the new one to their devices. Samsung is coming up with the new Samsung ATIV S and Nokia is coming with Nokia Lumia 920, 820, HTC is coming with HTC Accord etc. Both are considered to be the mighty ones in the smartphone market and this will be their major project in 2012.

Windows Phone 8 : Know What Makes It Special

Anyway in this article we will see the features of the new Mobile Operating System, Windows Phone 8. And lets know what are the key features that makes the WP8 different from other latest mobile OS. The MicrOSoft has recently revealed Windows Phone 8, which is considered to be a great one for the smartphone lovers. And there must be some features that made them to tell this and in this article we are looking deep into that features.

Integrated Ecosystem of Windows Phone 8

The new Windows phone 8 has been designed by actually borrowing the codes and features from the Windows 8 and this helps the developers to create apps more easily and drivers. That is both are built with the same kernel. And this overall creates a good integrated ecOSystem apart from other mobiles OS and this will help in the total development of the OS for sure. One of the major reasons that people get attracted to the Android OS is the availability of apps. And due to the integrated features of the WP8, there won't be any shortage, because, due to the features, same app can be used in PCs, Tablets and Mobiles helping the user to interconnect all. And this features will surely attract the crowd.

Windows Phone 8 supports Multi-core Processor

Till date there are a number of smartphones, running on the Windows OS. And thing found common in all is that, all of them were powered by single core CPUs. And apart from it, the new WP8 will have dual core processor as a minimum which is pretty good and competitive. And in all these Qualcomm chips has been used and this will continue in WP8 too. And the main thing is, WP8 can even support quad core processor. And hence we can say that all the devices running on WP8 will support multi core processors, which will surely increase the system performance.

Enhanced Security Options in Windows Phone 8

The new Windows Phone 8 comes with improved security features and this is made possible by Bitlocker encryption. The OS will show good performance against hacking and malware. The device is also loaded with Internet Explorer 10, Skype.

Range of Screen Resolutions available for Windows Phone 8

The WP8 supports a range of screen resolutions. And they are:
1. 16:9 720p 1280x720 pixels
2. 15:9 WXGA 1280x769 pixels
3. 15:9 WVGA 800x480 pixels
And this range of screen resolutions enables the manufacturers to make the devices which are of high-end, average and low-end. That is the same OS has the flexibility to produce HD display and WVGA display, with only the difference in the hardwares.

Other Features of Windows Phone 8

The WP8 is actually a power packed mobile OS, which can be considered more flexible than a actual pc OS. This is not just said due to the reputation of the company, but the cool features that they have included in it. And mainly the features included are truly an update from the predecessors. And the first among them is, the memory can be expanded by microSD card, which was not yet seen in any other Windows mobile OS. They have also included NFC support to the latest WP8. Along with these features, they have given good optimisations for home screen too. That is, as it is Windows Phone 8, it has 'live tiles', here the size of live tiles can be adjusted, from small, medium, and large. And surely this can really attract the crowd.

Update to Windows Phone 8 from Older versions

Till now, the company has not give the update to Windows phone 7. The main reason is that, as we said earlier, the OS is made with a different kernel from WP7. And due to that reason, the update to WP8 is not available for WP7. But they have provided option for update for Windows Phone 7.8. They can update by using the Wi-Fi but the date is not announced yet.

Windows phone 8 features image 1

The new mobile OS, which is Windows Phone 8 is truly a piece of work, with more capability than any other mobile OS. And now, the companies like Samsung, Nokia, HTC, Huawei are coming up with devices, running on the latest WP8. And now Samsung has came up first with WP8, namely Samsung ATIV S. With the arrival of WP8, we can expect a revolutionary change in the smartphone industry for sure.

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Guest Author: Abel13 Feb 2015

The article describes very good information about Windows Phone 8. But we are seeing the news about Windows 10 Phone is coming in the Market. What are special and additional features of Windows 10 Phone. Will it be the user friendly phone as the current Windows 8 OS phones are not that much user friendly like Nokia OS and Android OS phones.

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