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Read this article to know abou the best available Free online games to play, along with it's features and reviews.

Free online game Luvinia

Luvinia is one among the best online game to hook up with. This is a game that features a multiplayer mode as well. Luvinia is a roleplaying game with an amazing 3D massive and with a great cel-shaded anime style of graphics. The main objective of the players of this game is to hold the role of a in-game character who has been placed in a world where different nations have been splitted into multiple alliances, in the name of war and chaos. Luvinia features about 15 starting classes along with many sub classes for its characters, where all of these classes are very extensive. Luvinia had also featured an unique and diverse world within the game, it also tried to bring a variety of environments which includes space type and lava type of environments. Luvinia truly is an awesome online game which offers a tons of experience for its users.

Free online game Drakensang

Drakensang is yet another best online game for you to enjoy your free time. This game is an unique type of role playing game, which has similar objectives and much similarities to that of the famous game, Diablo. Drakensang is a hack and slash game and seems to be slightly addictive once you start playing the game. The main objective of this game, Drakensang, is to destroy and defeat treacherous dragons which are roaming all around the land. The amazing graphics and tremendous amount of quests featured in the game to offer its players made many of the online gamers to love this game. The important feature of this game 'Drakensang' to be noted is that, you can play this game without any download. You are always free to play this game straight from your browser and Drakensang is considered as the best browser based games among all other games out there. There is also player vs player arena battles to entertain you apart from the quest and explorations. You can enjoy this great game which offers various types of multiple modes and other fast paced and challenging combats.

Fee online game Wizard 101

Wizard101 is another great game to discuss about in this list. This is yet another multiplayer online game, which also focus on role playing genre. Here in this game, you will be playing as a character, who is a wizardry boy. This boy has recently found out that his professor is hiding something and he the professor is not the guy he really is. The main objective of this game 'Wizard101' is to play as the main character(the Wizardry boy) and find out the evil plans of the boy's professor by following him and tracking his each and every moment and finally have to stop him from doing something evil. The game also offers multiple other missions where he has to help other wizards and many other dangerous missions throughout the game. The game featuring amazing animation along with full 3D graphics has made this game more preferable for playing especially for online gamers.

Free online game Second Life

While this game 'Second Life' is being considered, this game is a social online entertainment game. The main feature of this game is that the players of Second Life can do anything that they want through virtually. They can also explore the whole world known as grid, which has been located within the game. As a player, you also can meet other players and either you can socialize with them or you are always allowed to participate in individual as well as group activities. You can also enjoy the game by creating and trading your virtual property or services with other players. In this game 'Second Life', you can create any property that you desire, as the game features a 3D modelling tool. The game also offers ability to its players to create their own virtual space and also allows them to customize it. But in order to enjoy this mode of game, you must purchase the space on the mainland. While Second Life is being considered, there are no limits for its players virtually.

Free online game IMVU

IMVU is an online social entertainment game, where players have to create their own 3D avatars to do things like meeting people virtually, go for shopping for things like clothes, cars etc, go for a party, go to bars, online chatting and customize their own virtual space. You can use IMVU as a virtual place to create your own products and sell them to other players. Currently this game holds more than 50 million users and still increasing day by day.

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