Various touch gestures in Windows 8

With the new Windows 8 Operating System, there are a lot of changes like new touch gestures to ease the usage. Read about touch gestures in Windows 8 in this article.

Windows 8 is not just a new operating system with an entire different interface replacing the standard start button option with plethora of features to add on to its list but it has basically changed the way users need to respond to the interface. With the touch screen approach and a different methodology to use charms and Apps in Windows 8 it becomes essential for users to learn the basic finger gestures in order to be adept and updated in using the Windows 8 operating system. Here are some of the basic finger and swipe gestures which are the fundamentals to equip you to use Windows 8 with ease.
Gestures for Windows 8

While personally using the Windows 8 Release Preview I found that some of the gestures need to be at the tip of our fingers to effectively using the operating system while exploring its various Apps and features. Though a bit difficult in the beginning but by knowing the gestures and constantly using it, one can get ones expertise in Windows 8. Some of the basic gestures are explained below:

Swipe gestures in Windows 8

Basically Windows 8 introduces three fundamental gestures to operate the new operating system Windows 8. The three gestures are as follows: (i) Swipe Down (ii) Swipe Left (iii) Swipe Right. Mastering these gestures leads to the path of mastering the operation of Windows 8 and getting used to its Interface.

A downward Swipe from the edge of the screen brings you to the Apps Setting control. The gesture of Swipe from the right can be used to search Apps as well as personalise the settings as per ones requirement. If you want to go to the App which was opened previously gesture of swiping from the left can be helpful.

Further, these swipe applications also have alternative option of performing these commands with the help of combination of keys in the keyboard. Swipe Down from the top edge gestures Keyboard alternative is Windows Logo key + Z. Swipe from the right edge gestures keyboard alternative is Windows Logo Key + C. Swipe from the left edge gestures keyboard alternative is Windows Logo key + Backspace.

The table below summarises the short cut keys:

Touch Gesture---- Keyboard Control----- Application
Swipe Down from top Edge---- Windows Logo key + Z---- Toggle the App Command.
Swipe from the right edge--- Windows Logo Key + C--- Toggle the Charms
Swipe from the left edge--- Windows Logo key + Backspace--- Switch to last Application.

There are some additional gestures as well like dragging from the top to the bottom closes an App.The tiles can be tabbed and with a sudden downward movement the setting of the particular tile tabbed can be accessed.

These shortcuts will help a lot in accessing and using Windows 8 Operating System. Familiarize with them to have a great experience with the new and much awaited Windows 8 Operating System.

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