Tips and tricks for fixing common issues with Windows 7

This article deals with fixing of common problems associated with Windows 7. It will help my readers find an easy solution to their common problems regarding WIndows 7. So go ahead and enjoy alongwith the best Operating System till date.

Windows 7 is undoubtably the coolest operating system in the market. It has an awesome theme and excellent new features. Anyhow recently many users have reported a few problems with the system. Still microsoft was quick enough to find solutions for them and resolve them.

The various problems which were detected and and their remedies are as follows:

1. Speed of Windows 7 OS:

Windows 7 seems to be a slower operating system as compared to other operating systems. The problem is that Windows 7 supports a very large number of visual effects in order to make the appearance of the system attractive. Actually these visuals were designed taking into consideration the fact that that Windows 7 was designed for futuristic processors which support 3Ghz+ speeds. However, most users don't have access to such speeds.
So in case you wish to increase the speed of your system, you will have to trade off with the visuals. The procedure for the same is as follows:
Open the search bar and type the word performance. Open the performance options window. Under the visual effects bar, select best performance. You can also customise according to your needs from the custom menu.

2. Aero of Windows 7 OS:

Many people have reported problems regarding the working of Aero. Actually the problem was never with Aero. It was that Aero was never preinstalled in the package but its icon always appeared on the screen. Even if it was installed, it was not registered. And if it was registered, it was not updated. This made users think that there was a problem with the software whereas the problem was actually with its complicated activation process. Anyhow I would advice my readers to call a support person from windows to fix the problem and not try it by themselves if they are confused.

3. Incompatibility of Windows 7 OS:

Earlier versions of programs are not compatible with Windows 7. Now this was one of the most common problem faced by users. To solve the problem, they usually adopted 2 methods. One was to buy the newer version of the software and the other was to reinstall XP into their systems both being inefficient. Now let me tell you what. You can actually make your softwares compatible with Windows 7 even if you have the older versions. The procedure is as follows. Right click the file to be installed and go to properties. Then move on to the Compatibility Tab. Now choose the version of Windows that your software is compatible with out of the list given in a pull down menu.

4. Drive Detection of Windows 7 OS:

Windows 7 does not detact your DVD drive. This was one really irritating problem that users faced. Actually the thing is that although drivers are pre installed in Windows 7, some disk reorientation is required. In order to create the partition for the DVD drive, type 'Disk Management' in the search bar and open the application. There will be an option called Create and format hard disk partitions . Now you would find an 'optical drive' option. Right click it. Click on 'Change Drive Letter and Paths'. Using the 'change' button, select some other drive letter.

5. Change Of Icons in Windows 7 OS:

Custom Icons change when a user changes the Theme of the desktop. This annoys quite a lot as one has to understand the whole view again. Anyhow this has a resolve. Simply right click anywhere on the desktop and go to the 'Personalise' option. You would find a written link at the left side stating 'Change Desktop Icons'. A window will open. Uncheck the box whick states 'Allow themes to change icons'.

See, Windows 7 is a beautiful and well designed Operating System. I would advice my readers not to abandon it because of a few technical glitches. Almost every problem has a solution here. And you always have the Microsoft support team the help you.

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