Common mistakes new bloggers make

This article shares some helpful tips for newbie bloggers about some common, yet serious mistakes new bloggers make.

1. Lack of readable material:

Analysing the problem:
Lets us suppose a situation in which a blog has nothing but images or all the writeups are in flash. What do you expect the search engine to read? See search engines rank your website in terms of its readablity and thus it won't be easy to optimise your site without well written articles.

Solution to this problem:
It is better to use text in the website. The text should be beautifully written, easy to understand and must have optimum utilization of keywords. The art used to write the article and its readability will be a better reason for someone to visit your site than to check out the images.

2. URL's without a description:

Analysing the problem:
Let us suppose that you have a page dedicated to Nokia Lumia on a website whose niche is mobile phone. You created a article that has an awesome description about the Nokia Lumia phone towards which that particular page is dedicated but still don't get enough impressions. Ever guessed the reason. The reason was improper description of your URL. Means suppose the link of your page is . Why do you think a person searching for Nokia Lumia is going to open your page when he sees the link. This is the reason your page did not work as you expected it to.

Solution to this problem:
Design your page's URL in such a way that it well describes the topic of the main article on that page or atleast the purpose of the page. eg. . Now this is something that will attract a lot of Nokia Lumia fans to your page. So keep this fact in mind when linking a page.

3. Total dependance on HTML:

Analysing the problem:
In case you design a site in HTML, there is a problem. Search engines cannot differentiate between text and design. So all the articles and text go waste. And futhermore making a webpage using HTML is quite laborious.

Solution to the problem:
Design your website in CSS. This will help the search engines in distinguishing between text and design and thus increasing the chances of your webpage appearing at the top of search results.

4. Missing Alt Tags:

Analysing the problem:
Some people don't add tags to their images. In case one does not add tags it would be very difficult to know what they are about until one opens them up for viewing.

Solution to the problem:
Add tags to your picture. Adding tags will help others understand what it contains without opening it. It will also help linking your image with similar results.

5. Backlinking:

Analysing the problem:
People usually neglect the importance of backlinks in their content whereas I consider it to be the most important thing on the other hand. On page SEO is important but you can never excel without off page seo. Remember, you won't be getting anywhere without backlinks.

Solution to the problem:
Induce backlinks and introduce your keywords in the backlinks. Anyhow remember that you can well be penalised for a large number of backlinks in a very short period of time. So keep them optimum.

6. Keyword spamming:

Analysing the problem:
There is an unusual misconception in the market that your blogs visibility is directly proportional to keyword density of the articles in the blog. This is the worst mistake any blogger can make. These days we have keyword spiders who keep a check on optimum keyword density and the usability of an article.

Solution to the problem:
Don't focus much on the keywords. Focus on making the content readable and useful. Thats the mantra to a successful blog.

Wishing all my readers Happy Blogging.

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