How to repair 3.5 mm Audio jack and Speakers in Nokia N95 8GB?

Here I have explained the steps by steps procedure for replacing the audio jack and speakers in Nokia N95.

Nowadays most of the mobile phones are available with 3.5 mm audio jack and all mobile phones are loaded with speakers, speakers are the basic requirement from the user that it should produce loud voice without any disturbance and play any music without noise. Due to the higher requirement from users of phones and this is one of the critical components of the phone so one needs to look for safety for it while handling the phone. If by chance or accidently there is a damaged in mobile audio system weather it is related to 3.5 mm jack or speakers, because these are the main part to be used for phone call or music. If any part is not working due to some problem, there is no need to go to the shop of mobile repair but buy the new 3.5 mm audio jack and speakers with same configuration and size. This procedure does not need any technical prerequisites. It is very easy to perform if you follow this step by step procedure.

Replacement requirements for Nokia N95 8GB 3.5 mm Audio jack and Speakers

Buy new 3.5 mm jack and speakers for Nokia N95 8GB. Market cost of this two device is very low which is of the order of Rs. 150/-. You can buy genuine camera with Rs. 430-500/- But is it up to the user which to buy of Rs. 150/- or Rs. 450/-.

One you have your newly bought speakers ready; you can start replacement of the 3.5 mm audio jack or speakers. If you give your mobile to mobile repair shop, they will charge you extra Rs. 300/- plus price of the device so, it is wise act that you should replace the device on your own and save the Rs 300/- which otherwise you need to pay to mobile repairer.
Steps to replace 3.5 mm Audio jack and Speakers of Nokia N95 8GB

Step 1 :

Replacing Camera is very easy and simple procedure but all the steps must be performed with care.

First Switch off your phone by pressing above key at the top side of the phone.
Nokia N95 8GB

Step 2 :

Push the lock and remove the back cover from mobile then remove Sim Card and Battery as shown in below figure.
Nokia N95 8GB Body
After removing Sim card and battery, remove main cover of the mobile at the back side of the phone. This cover does not include any screw only slots are provided, so remove it carefully; it might be loose fitting if any slot is damaged during removing of main cover.

Step 3 :

Remove all four screws with the help of screw driver. Tool kit for mobile is available in the market, which includes 30 different types of tools and also cost of this tool kit is less than 100 rupees.
Nokia N95 8GB Flex Cable
Remove all screw and place them in safe and clean place. After removing all four screw disengage the top cove of mobile which is used to switch On/OFF of mobile.

Flex Cable is used to connect the LCD Screen of the phone with motherboard, remove it with care by applying hand pressure.

Step 4 :

Motherboard is connected with the back body by two screw, so you need remove it with the help of screw driver. Rotate motherboard by 180 degree you will find the two different parts as given in figure.
After rotating motherboard you will clearly identify the 3.5 mm audio jack and speakers as indicated by red circle in below image, which is connected to the mother board with the help of power cable. Remove 3.5 mm audio jack and speaker from the desk board is given in next figure.

Step 5 :

Remove two speakers as indicated by re circle in last step with the small amount of force and screw driver can be used while removing audio jack.
3.5 mm Audio jack
As mention in figure disengage the audio jack and speakers from base plate, they are simply inserted inside the slot.
After placing new audio jack and speakers inside the slot by removing old one. Follow the all steps in reverse manner to complete the procedure.

Nokia N95 8GB
Now check your speakers and audio jack by playing music and inserting hands free.


Guest Author: Govind17 Aug 2015

Thank you Sir for your ultimate solution to repairing the audio jack & speakers in Nokia N95 smartphone.

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