Free Apps to protect Computer Data and Online Privacy

Read about the best free tools available to secure and protect your computer data and privacy.

It is possible for you to protect your computer, does not matter home or office computer, from threatening viruses, spyware, adware and malware. You just need to know and have the combination of right tools within your computer to encounter those pathogens. You will have to need each of the best softwares from each catogory to form a complete combination of a PC protection tool kit. THis tool kit should include:
1. Antivirus softwares
2. Firewall programs
3. Anti malware or Anti Spyware tools
4. Anti Spam filters
5. Safe Browsing

Here are the best utilities for you to choose from, to protect your PC from all the possible threats.

Applications to Protect your Computer

1. AntiVirus Programs
There are many variety of malwares, spywares and different other pieces of viruses hanging around the internet. These pieces of softwares are found to be terrifying threats for the security of our computer and network.
There are various free antivirus software to encounter malwares. At a time you need to run only one antivirus software. Running multiple antiviruses may result in conflicting each other. Also once you installed an antivirus try to keep it updated. The reason for constant updating is because, day by day virus definitions are increasing.

List of Free Antivirus programs are:
AVG AntiVirus 2012
Avira AntiVir Personal
Microsoft Security Essentials 2012
Panda Cloud AntiVirus

2. Firewalls
Using firewalls in your PC will also increase the protection. While using a good firewall, you can hide your computer as well as the network within it from hackers' probes. Computer with electronic opening or so called ports can be easily scanned by online hackers. While using a strong firewall, your computer will be invisible to them and the hackers could not find your system until the firewall is turned off. Same as the Antiviruses, running multiple firewalls will surely lead to conflict.

Free Firewall Program:
ZoneAlarm Free Firewall
Agnitum Outpost Firewall
Comodo Firewall

3. Anti Spyware Software
As you all know Spyware and Adware are another biggest threats for your computer security. Your constant web surfing can be tracked or recorded by spyware and your interests will be reported to the controllers and you will be targeted by advertisers. Whereas the main functionality of Adware is to feed you different ads by sitting on your computer. Both pieces of these spyware and adware will slow down your computer as well as web browsing.
In order to keep spyware and adware away from slowing your system down, you will need programs which are capable for stopping them. Unlike antivirus software and other firewall programs, you can use multiple anti spyware programs on your PC, as it will not conflict each other.

List of Free AntiSpyware Programs:
Norton 360
Ad-Aware Free Antivirus +
MalwareBytes Anti-malware
Trend Micro Titanium Internet Security 2012

4. Anti Spam Software
Spamming is the largest field where innocents gets trapped and lose thousands of their pocket money. Spamming is done through unsolicited and unwanted email. It is being studied that in one way or another, 10 out of every 13 emails that we receive in our mailbox are spams. You used to receive such kind of junk mails from strangers, right? They send those junk mails in the intention to cheat people by promising large offers and as you spend money, then you will never hear about them. All you got is nothing other than loss.

In order to stop such kind of spams, you can use highly rated or high secure anti spam software or anti spam filter in your system. Anti spam is a software that helps us in detecting spams such as unwanted junk mails and prevent those from reaching your mailbox. You can get different anti spam softwares which are being named as: Anti spam software, Spam Filters, Email Spam Filtering or even known as Spam Blocking softwares.
List of some best Anti spam softwares:
Spam Fighter
Spam Assassin in a Box

5. Safe Browsing
If you do not take care in the field of web browsing, there are many chances that your system may be infected through online browsing. Earlier many security threats have been injected through different browsers, due to lack in security settings. Even in new web browsers this kind of problems continuously arise. It is highly recommended for you to use safe and secured web browsers for surfing over the internet.

Firefox 15.0 Beta 1
Opera 12.00 for Windows
Google Chrome Beta for Windows 7


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