Different uses of DropBox file hosting service

Drop box is one of the most popular tools available today for online file saving and syncing, and is just a minor step towards full-scale cloud computing.

Many use DropBox in the traditional ways. But, we can do more than just dropping in the box. The advent of cloud computing has led to a shift in the web being used as an application, to being used as a data provisioning system. DropBox is one of the most popular tools available today for online file saving and syncing, and is just a minor step towards full-scale cloud computing.

Make your DropBox experience better by using it for running the torrents remotely, saving your attachments, sharing your stuff with your buddies and lots more!
DropBox allows users to store 2GB of data .The users can access their data from anywhere around the globe through internet using various DropBox clients. DropBox clients include-
•Mac OS X
•Blackberry Phones
Here I list some of the other things you can do with your DropBox.

Backup your Email using DropBox-

•As an alternate to the DropBox clients, you can also email your stuff directly to your DropBox.
•Just connect your DropBox account and get your unique email id from www.sendtodropbox.com, and start forwarding your emails to that id.
•The emails (including attachments/texts) will now be automatically forwarded to to your DropBox account.
•It also provides features like automatic archive unzipping and plain text or html message copying.
•Another such tool is MailDrop. It checks your email account via IMAP and any email attachments in the specified folder are saved into your DropBox.
•Otherwise you can use the attachments.me extension of Chrome to save your email attachments directly into your DropBox.
•Whenever you open an email, a toolbar in the right hand side appears which lets the user save the attachments in the mail into your DropBox directly by just clicking on 'Save to cloud'.

Share the files with URL using DropBox-

When you want to forward large files it becomes cumbersome. Even Gmail has limitation on size that can be sent to via attachment. No more Attachments!
•Send the link of the file or folder you wish to share with your friends.
•DropBox lets you create links of any files and folders which you want to share.
•Then you just need to send these links to your friends and see the magic of cloud computing.
•The links can be sent to view your videos, music and text files too. Disable the links whenever you are done with your sharing.
•What if someone wants to send you a huge file but cannot send due to the limitation.
•Then DROPitTOme comes to solve your problem. It is an online application which lets you and your friend share files under password protected environment.
•Another useful web app called URL Droplet lets you paste the download link for a file and have it downloaded right in your DropBox. Now you can carry, the downloads anywhere you want.

Save your files directly into DropBox-

•It may be cumbersome for many of you to save documents in two places.
•Your files are stored at one fixed place and you create links to the same file or folder elsewhere on your hard disks.

•Create a symbolic link to your specified folder in which your data resides.
•With this you can continue saving your files in your original folder and DropBox will sync your files for you.

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