Social Media Optimization for eCommerce Websites

Social media is one of the most buzzing sectors and business owners can no more ignore this great field if they need to promote the products as well as reach to a larger audience. Read this article to find tips on Social Media Optimization for eCommerce websites.

Social media and why is it important?

Social media has started to progress in leaps and bound. Everyone is on Facebook or some other social media network nowadays and this very fact is one of the most discussed among people especially business people who are always in a lookout to get more and more customers for their service and hence look for places where potential customers can be. If your business is especially targeted towards e-commerce then there is even more requirement for you to be active in the social media optimization techniques . First and foremost and the most important step for any e-commerce website is to register at major social networking websites including Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Linked in etc. These platforms will open new channels for your already existing business.

Tips to improve ecommerce business using social media

Following are some of the best SMO tips which can help in escalating your ecommerce business beyond your competitors.

1. Get more Facebook - Likes, create Facebook Groups and Go for Facebook Advertorials

Facebook, a social networking site that boasts of more than 800 million and counting active users (Although the number can be vague, but is very much believable) visiting the site frequently cab be certainly considered one of the most sought after and liked social media networking platform for people who would like to keep in touch with new people and also for marketing purpose. The perception that Facebook is 'just' another site for people to socialize is really incorrect and there are thousands of other things to Facebook to being just another Social Networking site like being a marketer's paradise.

Besides the numbers another factor that Facebook has in its favor is that the original dashboard or user profiles and people putting their personal information like gender, location etc. That can provide crucial advantage to the Facebook and which can be effectively and more efficiently used for by the advertisers for specific targeting the potential customers. There is also advantage of advertising with Facebook as it also provides information on location of people (Country, State and other details the user shares with the rest of the world), also there could be information on age, gender and other such details and which can help your business to reach out for more specific audience.

2. Twitter get more followers and mentions in tweets

The well-known advantage that Twitter can offer is it can provide the required platform for businessmen to interact and communicate with the users via tweets and replies and hence provide good customer service and hence customer satisfaction which otherwise wasn't possible in other ways. Twitter can be used as a great tool to gather feedback from various sources and hence increase interactivity between companies and users. The latest feature from Twitter which can be a boon for many entrepreneurs is the 'promoted tweets' which will appear on search results if someone searches using the right keyword on Twitter and can provide great exposure to your business. The promoted tweets can be seen on the top of the page and is visible enough to garner attention from potential customers. The feature may also be shown in user's page and displayed in the 'recommendation' sections.

Also twitter can be a great way for updating your customers on the latest offerings your business can provide to them in regular intervals. You can also use various Twitter tools like tweet deck which can help in better organizing your tweets and provide you the facility to send automatic tweets at desired time or even send old tweets after a specific interval of time.

3. Go for linked in and get more targeted audience and customers
Linkedin has become one of the most used social networking sites for professionals as more and more professionals are registering for the site every day and also the fact that many recruitment companies have started to use linked in for head hunting. In a survey it has been found that more than 80 percent of American companies use Linked in for recruitment and hence the increase in user base of the famous social networking site. One great aspect of Linked in as compared to other social networking site is that it is taken more seriously than other social networking sites which are just perceived as time pass and hence there is a greater chance of conversion in linkedin as compared to others.
Linkein Also provides various advertising opportunities based on the proposed budget that one would like to use and hence

The site offers advertising opportunities based on the proposed budget. Text ads or image and text ads can be streamlined to reach specific sets of people.

TIP: Be present on LinkedIn networks. Join groups and communities that share information and discussions on products and services. Keep a budget for marketing and advertising on LinkedIn and work on a structure and strategy.

4. Content - Links, Videos, Images, Presentations, Copy

Sharing content is important because that's what helps people directly in their search. Write relevant blogs, which are not just targeted towards SEO activities. Try innovative link building methodologies like organic sharing and networking.

Good content can be used for marketing. Put up videos of your services or how your customers are satisfied with your work. Share presentations about your industry and probably, facts and figures that may be relevant for those researching. Be diligent in your copy writing.

TIP: Work on video and copy content. Include blog sections where people can comment. Audio - visual content is generally popular with users on the internet. Concentrate on information that you are providing. More authentic the material, more popularity you gain!

5. Promote - not just your products but also consumer relationships

For optimal success, it's not just going to be about pushing your products. You could give out promotional offers, discounts; carry out contests, and other such activities which give a boost to your e-commerce business by converting into more sales.

TIP: Create pages that can genuinely be liked. Don't just throw product information on your page; share news, updates from the industry, technology, interesting research etc.

6. Sell - not just on the website, but also on social networks

Facebook, for one, offers you the opportunity to create section on your page for selling. Start selling on your social site.

TIP: Create specially engineered paid pages that allow you to sell straight from the social site. Offer transaction options, purchase carts, etc on the site so that's it's faster and you can directly capitalize on your buyers 'purchase' temptations!

7. Exclusivity - what are you doing that competitors aren't?

First and foremost, know where your competitors are - because they sure know where you are! With strife competition in the e-commerce business, it's important to know where industrialists are investing, which websites they are on, what social platforms they are exploring and other such information. And over and above this, it's important to be unique and highlight one's own strengths and services.

Moreover, along with making 'exclusive' offers, it's also important to make yourself 'exclusively' available. You shouldn't be providing data to everyone - you should be providing to those who support you.

TIP: Make you content visible or offer the option to interact with you only if the person clicks on the 'like' button on your social page. This can be customized to various sites based on the specific norms; for instance on LinkedIn, you can provide access to your resources only when people join your groups; on Twitter, special benefits only to your followers or on Google Plus, only those who have '+1'ed your product pages may be provided access to content.

Last word about social media

Analyzing and inculcating these 7 tips will certainly help your online business and e-commerce deals. Social media optimization or SMO is, now, almost mandatory if you have higher business aspirations.

Last but not the least, one must always remember, that there is no short cut to success and that efforts are going to take a good amount of time to show results. Just don't give; keep going and keep working hard. All the best!

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Guest Author: 07 Aug 2012

thanks renin discussing here about optimization of ones wesite at social media sites is how important and providing some usefull tips.
As i am beginer in blogging this information helps to increase my sites ranking and traffic also. I follow these seven tips mentioned by you to optimise selfsite in social media.

Author: Renin08 Aug 2012 Member Level: Gold   Points : 1

Hi Ashok

Thanks for reading the post. Social media is definitely one of the best places to get your articles a head start. Promote wisely making sure that you are not spamming and you will be on the right track.

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