Google Search and new features

There are so many features that cover almost each and every nook of the demands and needs of the common users that use the search option either on a daily basis or in general. This article gives you a summary of all the features that encompassed in Google search methodology.

Google is the ultimate search engine. It helps each one to find, search and explore things-from Business people for using it as a mode of searching and exploring new transactions to the school kids to help them get material for their project assignment. Knowing weather report, news, forecast, updated related to entertainment, searching and downloading music, trailer video of the movies, trade, Forex, share market you name it and Google is there to help you search it out.

It not just helps to search various things but effectively searches them providing with plethora of information in just some milliseconds. Google is surely one of its kinds and no doubt has created a niche for itself in the cyber word. No doubt that many people consider Search and Google as analogues. Here is a list of things that Google helps us to search with ease:

Weather Report

Weather Type in the "weather" followed by the name of the city or the postal code and you get loads of option of the current weather report. It also has options to find out the forecast of the weather for a particular place.

Stock Quotes

Stock To know the current market price and the fund for a particular company, just type the ticker name in the search box. Many links will appear which will take to more results from the Google Finance.


Time To know about the time in different cities of the world, type "time" in the search box followed by the name of the city.

Score of sports

Sports To check the scores of any sport type in "score "in Google search box followed by the sports name. One can also check the real time score of a live game. It also provides link to catch up on the real time girls.

Google Calculator

Recently Google has introduced an online calculator to help you do online calculations. It includes complex calculation as well as scientific calculations. Type in any formula 5*9+(sqrt 10)^3= and you have your result.

Book Search

Google Book Search helps you to find any book by its name or author name. On the record can be clicked to get detailed information about the book or the author.


Google helps its users with conversions. Conversions such as weight, height, currency conversion can be done in seconds. Example type in "rupees to dollars" and you will get the result.

Searching Synonyms

Google helps you to search synonyms of words. For searching synonyms place the tilde sign (~) in front of the word to find its synonym Ex ~ recreation.

Dictionary Definitions

This feature of Google helps you find not just the definition of words but also phrases. If you want to get more results rather than the ones already read just type define:

Film Showtimes

Movies To know the film and movies time, schedule, which theatre is running what shows and reviews type in the movie name and your city. If your current place is also set in the Google browser it will automatically show you the top ten results.

Google Maps

Google Maps Google helps you to locate anything on this earth thanks to "Google Maps". One can actually view where ones current location is. It also helps you while you are planning your travel to various places.

Package tracking

Package Type in the package number and you can easily get links to help you track your package Ex. Type in DH182063118GB to know exactly where your package has reached.

Related Search

For searching sites which have related content to a particular site type in "Related:" followed by the website address Ex.

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