Intel processors for gaming computers

Read about high performance Intel processors for Gaming purposes. Also find features and price information of processors.

We are living in a modern world, where we depend mostly on digitals. We are wishing to make our lifestyle into a high tech, so we try to become upto date in every technical field.

Earlier we use to play Dave or Mario games on our Windows, now they are only just a memory. According to our current up to date with the technology made those game less popular. Today we go for high graphics games like GTA, NFS etc to complete our wishes. But while starting such games it may irritate you when you run out of graphics memory, as performance of these games will be affected due to less graphics memory and low speed processor.

Top 5 gaming processors from Intel

1. Intel i7 3960 x processor for gaming

As we all know about i7, it comes in the category of Ivy Bridge processors which is considered as the third generation Intel i-series. Generally the i7 processors provide a high end gaming experience for highly graphics. Intel i7 3960 x is a high level gaming processors which belongs to the Sandy Bridge family. It is an i7 series of processors comes from intel. This i7 processor having 6 cores is considered to be the powerful processor from intel, as the denotation of "X" after the model number explains so. This processor also comes with a Hyper Threading Technology which gives this processor a lightning speed to perform any tasks without any minute lag. The processor powered by intel i7 clocks at a rate of 3.3 GHz and when increased can clock up to 3.9 GHz with its turbo boost technology. This great processor also features video transcoding and parallel tasking of other superior performance. It has the ability to overclocking at a rate of 5+ GHz with proper cooling solution and functions pretty much like a 12 core processor. After specifying all these features, this processor comes in the market with a tag price of $1000 and will be available in Indian market for around Rs.60000. Considering the potential, this processor shines in the processor with its admirable price.

2. Intel i7 3930 K processor for gaming

This is a highly performance processor for providing high end graphics to the gaming experience. This processor also comes within the Sandy Bridge family. Intel i7 3930 K is powered by a high speed capacity of 3.2 GHz which can be increased up to 3.8 GHz. This processor also features the Turbo boost technology along with its hexa core processing capability. Hexa Core defines a 6 processing core with 12 threads for the processor. The processor also gives the capacity to overclock at a rate of 4.2 to 4.7GHz, when proper motherboard and cooling systems are inserted. This processor also do not features any gpu inside it, same like the previous Intel i7 3960 X processor. Although some features of this processor has some similarity to the i7 3960 X, the main benefit for this processor is that it comes with a price tag almost half the price of the earlier processor Intel i7 3960 X. Intel i7 3930 K comes with an admirable price of $540 and about Rs.36000 in the Indian market.

3. Intel i7 3770 K processor for gaming

Intel i7 3770 K comes with an amazing performance with a stock speed clocking at the rate of 3.5 GHz and the speed can be further increased to 3.9 GHz along with the Turbo boost technology. This gaming processor comes with 4 cores with 2 threads operating in each core unlike rest of other models i7 3960 X and the i7 3930 K. Like any other i7 processors Intel i7 3770 K also comes with Hyper Threading technology. Intel i7 3770 K also features an admirable HD graphics of 4000 GPU along with DirectX 11 support. With all of the above features this processor delivered to the market with a price tag of $499 which is around Rs 25000 in the Indian market.

4.Intel i7 2600K processor for gaming

his seem to be the most budget friendly processor among the other processors. Intel i7 2600K is a high performance gaming processor which packs with a core speed of 3.4 GHz. This product features 4 Cores which can clock up to a rate of 3.8 GHz. This processor of Intel also features Hyper Threading Technology which enables 8 threads in total. This can also overclocked at a rate of 4.9GHz by adding proper cooling system. This budget friendly processor shines over the market with a price tag of $249 which will be about Rs 17000 in the Indian market.

5. Intel i5 3570 K processor for gaming

Another budget friendly gaming processor for you to enjoy your gaming experience with high end graphics is Intel i5 3570 K. Unlike other processors mentioned above, this is an i5 processor which is too an Ivy Bridge family member. It clocks at a speed of 3.4 GHz with its 4 cores and can be clocked up to 3.8 GHz. This processor also holds the Intel's Turbo Boost Technology but lacks Intel Hyper Threading Technology. Thus it results in having only 4 threads in total and further results in degradation of performance while running certain applications. Intel i5 3570 K also delivers a higher speed than its Turbo Boost technology by overclocking up to 4.5 GHz. It is pretty awesome to know that a low processor like i5 having comparatively similar overclocking speed as that of the i7 processors. But the demerit of using this model of processor is that it consumes more power and generate more heat than the usual processors. But Intel i5 3570 K still provides an amazing GPU of 4000 with HD graphics along with the DirectX support. When the cost of Intel i5 3570 K is considered it comes nearly the amount of a low cost Intel i7 processor, but due to its high performance it comes to the market with an admirable price of $245 which will be about Rs 12000- Rs 13500 in the Indian market. Although it seems much high in cost for an i5 Processor, but still worth its price by having a nice set of features.


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