The Walking Dead Episode 2: Starved for Help - A review

Read this review of the game The Walking Dead Episode 2: Starved For Help and know how to play this game.

Pros and cons of The Walking Dead Episode 2: Starved for Help
Pros: Very well designed game with fabulous script along with an impressive dialogue and characterizations. More fantastic gameplay with varied actions.

Cons: Game features almost predictable plot.

Developers: Telltale games

The Walking Dead Episode 2: Starved for Help review

Have you ever had played any zombie games? Are you familiar with 'The Walking Dead'? The Walking Dead: Episode 2- Starved for help, as you all know, is yet another sequel of Walking dead which is thrilling, horror and as well as a zombie game that deals with zombies, blood and apocalypse. Developers of most zombie games, try to keep such games plain and simple, where you attack the zombie that comes at you, with a makeshift weapon or a firearm to easily decapitate it. While this game is being considered, Walking Dead Episode 2 will surely shake up the things very much. Are you really interested to know more about the second episode of The Walking Dead? Then let us walk through this game and find out the interesting features, pros and cons of this thrilling Zombie game.

The Walking dead episode 2 Starved for Help 1

The gameplay of The Walking Dead Episode 2: Starved for Help is really interesting, where at the very beginning of the game you will see Lee Everett, who escapes from the police custody and become a leader of a survivor group. The story here in the game slightly deviates away from that of the comics of Robert Kirkman, from where the plot of the game are being lifted. In the first chapter of the game itself, the interesting part will entertain you. From the very start of the game, a young child will stick with you throughout the first series of chapter. The gameplay is really adventurous which will surely entertain you for about three to four hours.

Episode 1 of The Walking Dead really paved a way for making decision. The tale of the story of The Walking Dead mostly focuses on the moral decisions that you need to take. The moral decisions are pretty harsh choices with certain characters. But as far as the second episode of Walking Dead is being considered, you can see that the decisions that you choose will definitely change the shape of your adventure.The game features a world with dead people all around you, who want to nosh on your brains. During the game you also have to deal with Larry and his daughter Lily, where Lily is a headstrong girl who took the leadership of the group upon her shoulders.

The Walking Dead Episode 2 Starved for Help 2

The Walking Dead Episode 2: Starved for Help features a real and amazing nerve racking zombie experience as effectively as from the Robert Kirkman's comic book. You will feel much excited while hunting down and encountering the undeads. During the gameplay, you will really have to deal with un-trustable persons, who may be the worst person that you will see after you had put your trust on him. While you will also encounter with some other persons who will turn their back to save himself at most of the occasions.

While I played The Walking Dead Episode 2: Starved for Help, I came to know that in this chapter of this game provides only a little gameplay and puzzle solving. So if you are looking for more zombie shredding moments, you will then have to stick with the Episode 1 of The Walking Dead. You might feel the gameplay of this episode 2 to be a little unimpressive, but you still can enjoy various other features that had been added exclusively to entertain you.

Although you will end up the game in few couple of hours of gameplay, you still can have different gameplay with really unique experience when you come back to the game from the start and choose different decisions. You might even feel to go back to the episode one just to check out how things had shaped up. Episode 2 also features a slight blemishes with the design of the characters, but still you can enjoy the game with a stirring surroundings. Also most of the human reactions are startling with awesome effects. Top quality audio and ideal musical cues featured in this episode 2 will also blow your mind off. The Walking Dead Episode 2 also features interesting as well as strong voice cast which makes this game to be more recommended one than the Episode one.


Finally I decide to wind up this review. The Walking Dead Episode 2: Starving for Help is a great game for you to dedicate some time on. As I mentioned above, the developers has added various unique features in this game exclusively to entertain you. Apart from some unimpressive features, the Episode 2 is the best game along with interesting features than the Episode 1 of The Walking Dead. Enjoy some of your finest moments with this game.

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