Best parental control software

Top 5 Free Parental Control Software’s 2012 have been reviewed here. Understand the features of each parental control software and determine if any of these will be the perfect match for your family’s needs.

A top parental control software will ideally block or prevent your child from visiting unsafe or adult websites prevent them from using chat and will log and monitor their activities online. Some parental control software have features which make them suitable for using on social media websites, some are good for regular browsing and chatting.

These are five parental control softwares which can be used to track your child's activities. While deciding on good software apart from the cost you should look for the following factors.

  • Filtering unwanted and harmful websites

  • Prevents Chatting

  • Hack Proof

  • Tampering Proof - Your child should not around the controls

  • Ease of Use

  • Norton Internet Security

    This software lets you set time limits but lets you monitor all their activities including what their chatting and which social activities they are engaged in.

    Windows Live Family Safety

    This is a free software that is a part of Windows Live Essentials package. This is somewhat similar to Norton Internet Security as it lets you determine how long your child can use the internet. You can block out specific websites as well.

    K9 Web Protection

    K9 Web Protection works with both Windows and Mac. Just like Norton and Windows Live, you can set a time restriction on the internet usage. This free software prevents tampering by your smart children, and automatically blocks websites which fall into 70 categories.


    KidZui is a freeware and it is available for 14 day trial. It is a browser which enables safe browsing for your child. KidZui has a database of sites which are approved for kids. It is not a filter like other software mentioned above.

    K9 Web Protection

    K9 Web Protection is an internet filtering tool which is free to use. Unlike Windows Live and Norton, K9 Web Protection does not monitor your kids chat activities. It does filter out unwanted websites including malicious content. K9 Web protection needs a pin code for installation, which needs to be saved as this is required when you want to uninstall the software at any point.

    These free parental control software tools are a good start point for your requirements for protecting your child against online threats. It is highly recommended that you invest a few dollars on a good online parental control software like Net Nanny, which will has additional and advanced child monitoring features including protection against hacking and tampering by children.

    This top 5 free parental control software review 2012, is a list to be used as a starting point for your search for a good parental control software. It is mandatory that you research these companies further before installing any piece of code on your computer.

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