Best of Websites to Learn Ethical Hacking online for free

Learn to become an ethical hacker and hack like a pro. Clear your concepts regarding difference between a hacker and a cracker along with a list of websites to learn hacking online for free. Disclaimer: Use this free information at your own risk and you are 100% responsible for your actions.

Concept Clearing

Lets first look at the definition of a "hacker". A hacker is a computer programmer who loves to tweak with the computer systems to get more than available information and would like to have an unrestricted access to anything he desires. Now let me bring this to your notice, that there is a fine difference between a "hacker" and a "cracker".

Don't the words sound quite similar? It's like the hero and the villain of the movies (mind you both are required) So take a guess, which one do you think is the good guy?
Now if you answered "cracker", then I guess you require some concept clearing.

Just read on further I will tell why. If you think a Ethical Hacking or hacker is the bad guy, then it is not your fault. The media, newspaper, in movies, everywhere people themselves do not know the clear difference and they often end up using the word hacker in the place of cracker. But remember a Cracker is a malicious hacker i.e. a cracker is a hacker who had hideous intentions and likes creating/destroying others. He simply gets happiness by hurting someone else. In short remember a cracker is the bad guy-the sadist!

How to become an Ethical Hacker

Happiness by hurting someone else. In short remember a cracker is the bad guy-the sadist!
Learning how to hack and applying them in real world is totally different. You must have heard hacking is the "act of doing it". This means hacking is not something you can learn by simply reading eBooks or watching YouTube videos or by following some websites. It needs a lot more effort. You have to be constantly updated with the latest technology and you should do a lot of live hacking then only will you reach near perfection.

So however old you might be, there is an age to legally hack but yeah there is no age to start learning the process of ethical hacking. First you have to understand the different terms related to ethical hacking and you must definitely master one of the most important topics of Cyber Security that is "Networking". Then jump right into doing it!

Below is a list of some websites and EBooks, I would recommend any one to make use of, as these would be really helpful to those beginners who are looking out to hack like a pro.

#1.Hack a Day

Looking out for hacking more than a computer, then this particular niche will be very helpful. Apart from its amazing colour and design, all articles have been clearly categorized. Lets say, you want to hack cameras, there is a category on the right side bar "digital camera hacks". Simply click on it and you will find hacks related to camera only.

#2.Hack This Site

When I started to learn Ethical Hacking, most of the hackers I knew (my geeky friends of course) recommend me to check out this website. I did and I would also suggest you do the same. In today's modern world, every other hacker does recommend this website. All I can hint is that besides its popularity, it has dozens of live projects, they call it "Missions"(sounds cool, doesn't it? ) with complete explanation that help you apply your bookish theoretical concepts to this real world.

#3.EvilZone Hacking Forums

If you like learning via forums , then this might be the best place for you to start. The forum has more than 7K members and over a 100K post. Ranging from the very basic definitions to the most toughest questions of all time, all are asked and answered by the users- simply the best and most interactive community.

There is another similar community for hackers and if you find this good, then you will definitely love this one "CyberXtreme: Hacking and Warez"

A word of advice

While the above mentioned websites are good enough to help you master your skills, still there are some more websites that I would like you to at least know their name and these include:
Hack in the box, hackthis, The HITB Network, Kyrion, Go4expert, I could go on but I guess these are sufficient for now.

Go4expert is another austere website to learn hacking terms for a newbie. While having a look at Hack in the box, would only increase your chances of being a pro hacker someday!


Author: Ataul Haque04 Jul 2012 Member Level: Gold   Points : 1

Hmm, impressive. You have provided enough content for any beginner to start with. Though Hacking is not a good act, but hacking helps people to know about the security and also to provide security to own property/sites.

Author: TechAiyush05 Jul 2012 Member Level: Gold   Points : 0

yeah very true...Hacking has never been a good act, but its necessary to know hacking, to know about the flaws of any system in order to secure that system in a more effective manner.

Author: Godson23 Sep 2012 Member Level: Gold   Points : 1

Thanks for the article. Ethical hacking has a great demand now a days throughout the world because most of the transactions are going on online. So, it is important to protect ourselves from being compromised. Learning these hacking tricks can really help us in preventing ourselves from being hacked. The only thing is that it should not be used for evil purposes.

Author: Sachin Rambhau Kukale23 Sep 2012 Member Level: Gold   Points : 0

Very good information. Thanks for sharing this information with us. I was looking for such sites which will teach me hacking but was unable to find valuable sites.

Guest Author: Manjula M.25 Sep 2012

Nice to learn from this article about ethical hacking. Looking for more information on this topic. Great

Guest Author: vijay.k24 Apr 2013

I want to learn hacking tips through your website. Please notify me when other new hacking tips are posted in your website. Thanks for posting valuable hacking tips.

Guest Author: Austin21 Feb 2014

Yeah am really grateful because I have been looking for something like this over the years. Hacking is part of me, is my life so thanks a lot and I will become a pro hacker someday.

Guest Author: haktuts09 Feb 2015

Please see the below website link. You can get more useful and detailed information about free ethical hacking online course from beginning to advance level from this website.

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