Cheapest Laptop in India: Lenovo G570 hands-on review

Are you looking for a cheap, reliable and affordable laptop? Here is my review of Lenovo G570, a very low cost 15.6 inch laptop I purchased. I believe this is the most affordable laptop you can find in this category in India.

I was looking for a second laptop for me for browsing and documentation. I have another workhorse (Lenovo Y560p) which is my best companion at work and can do any development work with no hesitation. The second computer was specifically for documentation and browsing, which I am not using the primary development laptop. Also, since I did not want to expose my primary laptop to all websites that may not be very secure, I wanted another one where I will not store any confidential data. I probably spend a pretty good money searching for the cheapest laptop by going through various laptop shops and malls in Bangalore. My primary intention was not to buy the cheapest laptop, but to identify the store which sells the electronic devices at the lowest price so that I can use them for any future laptop/gadget purchase and also to recommend to others.

Lenovo G570 - The cheapest 15.6 inch laptop in India

I wanted to buy a 14 inch or 15 inch laptop at a price below 20,000. After a lot of research, I realized I could buy only an ATOM processor laptop at that price. Finally, I found Lenovo G570 which has Dual Core Intel Celeron processor. The display price for this basic laptop was Rs 21,990 but the shop gave me a discount of Rs 490 and the final price I paid was Rs 21,500.

Technical specs

Here is the technical specification of the Lenovo G570 I purchased:

Processor: Intel Celeron Dual Core

Hard Disk: 320 GB

Memory: 2 GB

Battery: 6 cell battery (3~4 hour backup)

Operating System: No OS included except DOS.

Other features: Wifi, Bluetooth, Built-in camera, microphone, speakers

Best Price: Rs 21,500 (This was the best deal for Lenovo G570 I found after a lot of research)

(Later I found the same laptop is available in another store for a lower price of Rs 20,990. You can find this laptop deal here:

Please note that there are several variants of Lenovo G570 and the specs and prices vary highly depending on the model you choose.

The specific model I bought was Lenovo G570 59321805, which I think is the lowest priced one in the 15.6 inch Lenovo laptop category.

Lenovo G570 Reviews

To make the deal better, the shop people gave me a couple of goodies without asking. The free accessories that came with the laptop include a laptop carry bag, a head phone and an optical mouse. Overall, it was a great buy for an affordable price. Always remember to ask for free goodies when you buy a computer.

Lenovo G570 hands-on review

It has been just a few days after I bought this from a computer shop in Bangalore. I spend quite some time with it and my first impression is, it is worth the money. Here is my hands-on review of the laptop before I spend a lot of days with it.

Intel Celeron Dual Core in the Lenovo G570 is not the best processor for heavy computer uses. But it can do the work well if you are looking for basic operations like data entry, internet browsing, documentation, listening to music and watch YouTube videos etc. It does not have the best graphical cards but you will not feel much difference if you are just watching YouTube videos.

The G570 computer may not be the best option if are a serious gamer or software developer. Most development work require high power CPUs. Advanced games will need powerful graphical processors.

I am yet to check the battery backup. According to the salesman, I can expect 3 to 3.5 hour battery backup. I will update once I find the details.

My recommendation for best value laptop

Lenovo G570
If you are looking for a cheap and reliable laptop for home use, Lenovo G570 may be the best option. I could not find any other laptop in this category anywhere near this price range. The closest match I found was an ASUS 15.6 inch laptop at a price of Rs 23,500.

If you know any other low cost laptops in the Indian computer market at this price range, please let me know. I am looking for a couple of more basic laptops to setup a home office for some documentation and data entry related work. Also, don't forget to checkout the laptops below Rs 20,000 in India.

The model I purchased (Lenovo G570 59321805) had written "Intel Dual Core" and I realized it was Celeron processors only after I installed Windows 7. That was a small disappointment, but I think I would have still bought it even if I had known that it is a Dual Core Celeron processor since the price was much below other similar laptops I found so far.

Wifi connectivity issues

After I installed Windows 7, it did not detect the wireless adapters. After some trial and error, I came to the wrong conclusion that it did not support WiFi (even though no one sells laptops without Wifi support these days). I called customer support and they were very knowledgeable and helpful. They quickly guided me to download the correct drivers which resolved the issues quickly. Currently, Wifi works like a charm in Lenovo G570.

Lenovo Customer Support

I am really impressed with the Lenovo customer support. They were very helpful and demonstrated a lot of patience to go through minute details and did not show any hurry to wind up the call. To my surprise, I got another call from Lenovo on the next day asking if I have any technical issues with my new laptop. I think this follow up call came because I had sent an offline message to customer support since their Chat Support was offline when I tried to seek help through chat. I would say, Lenovo customer support in India is simply awesome!

DISCLAIMER: This not a paid review, instead, it is a genuine product review after I purchased Lenovo G570 myself. However, I have used this product only a few days when I am writing this. I may update this Lenovo G570 review later.

Article by Tony John
Tony John is a professional blogger from India, who started his first Weblog in 1998 at Tony switched to blogging as a passion blended business in the year 2000 and currently operates several popular web properties including,, and many more.

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Author: Ataul Haque04 Jul 2012 Member Level: Gold   Points : 0

One of the finest practical review I have ever read. Thanks Tony Sir, for providing such a detailed and unbiased review for this laptop Lenovo G570.

Guest Author: Vishal04 Jul 2012

I don't think this Lenovo G570 laptop is the cheapest one in India. There are other laptops from different brand that comes with lower cost than this brand laptop.

Author: Vilas05 Jul 2012 Member Level: Gold   Points : 2

Hi nice review about Cheapest Laptop in India. Yes Linovo and HCL Me laptops are very cheapest starting brand in India. You can by good price laptops from online shopping or stores if you have good practice of cracking deals you may got lot discounts on off brands. As per me you can buy off brand starting laptop from 15,000/- to 20,000 Rupees range in big cities like Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, etc. Faredeal is good one, naptol, other merchants also do good if you have nice crack.

Guest Author: Ramesh09 Jul 2012

I heard Lenovo G570 laptop is good for personal use. Good review seen here.

Guest Author: Jerome10 Jul 2012

There are some other brand laptop available in the market for less than Rs 15000/. It comes with 1GB RAM, 250GB HDD and 10.1" screen etc. May be this laptop is good but though it looks little expensive.

Author: Tony John08 Oct 2012 Member Level: Gold   Points : 1


I agree there are many cheaper laptops available but I am not sure if they match the configuration I mentioned above (Dual Core Celeron processor). If you are aware of any other lower cost laptops, can you share the link?

Author: Tony John13 Oct 2012 Member Level: Gold   Points : 1

Here is my update after using the Lenovo G570 for few weeks. So far, I like this laptop as an entry level laptop. Works good and does the job without any problem. But remember I am using this only as a second laptop for documentation, browsing and various miscellaneous tasks. Kids use it to play basic computer games as well but if you are a gaming geek, this may not be the gaming machine for you!

Guest Author: sompal10 Nov 2012

Lenovo customer service is very useless in Mumbai. Past 2 week they are unable to load OS in my Lenovo Laptop ideapad Z 570. Even they do not have original software and giving excuses that it is comming from Bangalore. Is ther any way to complain about lenovo laptop....

Author: Tony John10 Nov 2012 Member Level: Gold   Points : 0


Lenovo customer has been very good for me. I am not sure what happened in your case. Did your laptop originally come with OS preinstalled?

Guest Author: sompal11 Nov 2012

Yes The OS was preinstalled purchased from Dubai and still under international warranty.... Presently under service center lower parel mumbai.. just cheating First they said Hard Disc problem, being asked from bangalore... HDD replaced no solution. Than said RAM problem being asked from bangalore... RAM replaced No solution. Then installed window home solution. Than said ur laptop OS original being asked from bangalore.. try to installed no solution.. now still I am waiting for them.. till date...said will come later..

Author: Tony John11 Nov 2012 Member Level: Gold   Points : 2


I hope Lenovo will take care of you. They are a company I always admire for their excellent customer care. I have always been a Lenovo laptop user from my very first laptop. I am going to bring this to the attention of Lenovo people. Follow this on my twitter handle @tonymjon

Author: avinash pandey18 Nov 2012 Member Level: Silver   Points : 5

India is a market where always those products are in demand that are value for their money.That is those product which are loaded with lots of application and at the same time the price of that product is less.Lenovo is famous for bringing a range of products from PC to Laptops that fir in the above category.Although the market position of Lenovo in india is not as strong as those of the giants like dell and Hp but slowly the company is catching on them .If the continues to launch these kind of products and also brings in some innovation with a little bit more reliability then surely in future it can compete with these giants of indian market.

Guest Author: Ramakant Agrawal17 Dec 2012

The is a hinge lock breaking issue in lenovo g570 laptop. It can break any time and they will not replace it. bad service.
All the laptop face the same issue.

Guest Author: Samir21 Dec 2012

ASUS X52F is the Laptop with Pentium P6200 2.13GHz processor I got little less than a year ago @ sub 20k budget with freebies from TechGuide shop in Andheri(E) on an emergency budget after my Acer conked out on me. The Asus had all the features for a basic laptop including excellent battery backup and camera.

Acer with AMD processor is a strict no-no as I discovered to my misfortune - I was lured by the graphics features.

The Asus worked fine until last month -- first it gave problem with the motherboard; within 3-4 days thereafter it started giving problem with the battery. The system would shut down with 25 to 30% backup power remaining. After 2nd visit to the service center,the laptop is again giving problems in 2-3 days -- now it shuts down even when 45% power backup is there. The service guys say it is a battery problem -- wonder why they could not figure it out when it was with them; personally I feel the battery contacts might be the issue now, after they have fidgeted with the mother board. Hope the experts know best. The system will be taken today for one more round to the Service Center. Will update later.

Each visit to the Service Center means practically 7 days gone.

Good habit to share your findings online, since it is first hand feedback of users.

Guest Author: vaibhav21 Jan 2013

Tony John
I have the problem with G570 windows 7 ultimate wifi installation ...can you please the steps to install wifi driver. I tried several times but failed.

Guest Author: Nilotpal20 May 2013

Broken hinge may cause problem, in my case Left side hinge got broken in 15th month

Guest Author: Sea Scorpian20 Apr 2014

There is a serious problem with the hinge. Repair is having to replace the entire casing since the screw holding it is attached to the casing. the alternative is to personally drill a new hole and use a threaded bolt and nut, which is a lot cheaper, obviously. But Lenovo does not acknowledge this inherent defect of their product.

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