Can you make money online in India?

I had often asked myself this question. When we moved back to India, I had just heard about affiliate marketing. I was intrigued and was excited at the concept that people were making money online. Is it possible to make money online in India. Is this a dream or is it true?

The question haunting me day in and day out was – "Could I make money online in India?" I was afraid that it would not be possible. How would I purchase a domain, what about hosting, who will give me work? Lots of questions and no answers. At that point in my career, I did not want to get back into the workforce. So I did what I was best at, I started using Google as a tool to find answers to all my questions.

I soaked up every resource which spoke about making money online. I tried many methods and was perplexed that it was not working for me. Though others were making a fortune, it was not working for me.

One day someone told me, "Enough, get back to work! Are you crazy? You have a Masters degree. Why are you wasting your life?"

I begged for some more time and started my research again. This time I found a few products which I purchased and used. They worked for me, finally. I did not make a lot of money, but I made enough. It might not be much to brag about, but my efforts ensured that I got a small paycheck month after month.

I fell sick one day and was bed ridden. Guess what? My paychecks did not stop. They just came pouring in. I was ever so grateful that I had the courage and the determination to listen to my heart and keep pushing.

You are reading this article because you want to make money online. My journey started via affiliate marketing. My main source of income is via affiliate marketing. For you, it might be different. If you are a good writer, why not sell your writing services?

If you are a designer then sell your design services. Do not follow a blueprint someone else has created. Most probably it might not work for you. Just learn the concepts, learn the tactics, understand the intricacies and apply your heart and logic.

Let me tell you how I make money online in India. I started setting up blogger blogs. I found niches I liked and wrote articles on them and posted them on the blog. I registered myself with Shareasale and Clickbank and found products which tied in with my articles. Sometimes I would find a great product and come up with an article addressing an issue.

For many days nothing happened. Then I added some Google Adsense code. I started making a few dollars. The excitement was tremendous. I did not care how much money I was making. My only concern was that I must make some money.
Then one day Blogger decided to bring down my blogs. I lost my income. I was distraught. I felt cheated. What should I do now? If you know me, I never give up. So, I went to Wordpress and setup an account there. I made one post and
I received 760 hits to that article within the day.

Did I make a LOT of money then? No, I did not make a dime. Then I understood two very important concepts. First, my article was all wrong. I was selling in my article. I was not building a relationship. I was not helping people address an issue. Instead I was simply saying, "BUY here! I want to make money"
I changed my writing style. I addressed a concern the potential buyer would want a solution for. I provided that solution. I then suggested they check out the product I was promoting and explained how it could solve their issues.
Guess what!! I started making sales!!

Then again it happened. Wordpress brought down my blog. All my traffic gone. All my sales vanished. Just like that. What did I do?

I opened a Squidoo account. Yes I am someone whom you cannot beat down. I opened a new account and slapped up a review of a product which helped me in many ways. I started making sales.

This time the sales were consistent. That was way back in January 2010, when I put up that lens. I was 9 months pregnant. I went in for delivery and never remembered to check my Squidoo lens.

Till last month, that one lens has been sending me a small paycheck. Last month I got hit by Squidoo. They locked the lens.

Now, I have moved my contents to my blog. I am using my blog to promote products, share ideas and connect with people.

The second thing I learned was, it did not matter if I had a great article if I did not have people to share it with. If no one saw my article, then how could I make a sale? That in internet terms means traffic. Then I started a new journey on figuring out ways to get free traffic to my blogs and articles.
This was the start of a new career and a new life. Tell us your journey on this venture of how to make money in India. Did it work for you? What are your major issues?

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Author: rihan20 Nov 2012 Member Level: Gold   Points : 3

Thank you for this article that provide good information about the genuine ways to make money online in India. I know most websites offering make money programs are fake and this article can help clear the doubts.

Guest Author: Ravi13 Mar 2013

Its true that Affiliate Marketing is one of the best ways to earn money from home.. But at the same time we need to consider the returns as well..A system built by marketers for the marketers...Its a WIN WIN situation.

Type in " Ravi Sindagi Empower Network " in google and let me know how you feel about it..

Guest Author: Manju Aju20 Jun 2013

Your constant focus and never give up attitude got you this far. Good to know that there is scope for blogging and affiliate marketing in India.

Guest Author: charan25 Sep 2013

Nice article ! and thanks for sharing your experience , actually to earn money online first key point is patience and learn some seo tricks then see how your blog make money to you. this is my real experience you can check out my real payment proof.

Author: Latha Lukose07 Jan 2014 Member Level: Gold   Points : 2

Ravi this is not a good place to advertise EN, actually if you google my name, you will probably find 10 pages on em.

Manju and Charan, you are very welcome, please ask any questions I will be glad to help.

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