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Blogging in India is quite common with people from varied backgrounds creating blogs. Can anyone make money from blogging? Blogging is much more than putting together a few words. If you really want to make a career out of blogging, you need these important ingredients to success. Check out this story and learn how to stay focused and make a difference.

Let me ask you a simple question. Why are you Blogging? Is it because a friend said that this was the quickest way to make money ? Well, is it because you had free time? Or maybe you wanted to create an asset. Blogging in India is rampant and one can notice many blogs mushrooming everyday. There are several full time Bloggers in India who have successfully made it their primary job.

Different people blog for different reasons. Here is a list which just touches the tip of the iceberg:

1. I want to make money.
2. I want to set up an additional source of revenue.
3. I want to quit my job.
4. I hate my boss.
5. I have bills to pay.
6. I got divorced.
7. I got married.
8. I have retired.
9. The company is downsizing.


Let us stop and take a breather. I get it. Let me tell you my story.
I started blogging because I wanted to make money, stay at home with my kids and implement the new strategies I was learning.

So I did what everyone else does. I got myself a free blogger account. I created 24 blogger blogs, catering to different niches. Some were on hairstyling, some crafts, some cooking, taking care of pets. I put on some Google Adsense ads and waited for the money.

The wait was very long. I waited and waited till I was fed up. I made a few dollars, but they were not worth the effort.

What was I doing wrong?
Why was I not making a million dollars?
Why was everyone else making money?

After a lot of soul searching it struck me. I was not focused. I was running after shiny objects. I was trapped in a vicious cycle of buying products which promised me the world.

I implemented them and then jumped on to the next product. I was not consistent. I was not "sticking" to one plan and making it work.
Consistency is key to making money. Well, there are other factors involved but for me there were two major contributors.

First and foremost, I lacked a purpose.
I want to make money online, was NOT a purpose. It was a dream. It had no passion for me. Shocking, but true!

The real purpose of your blog

My real purpose was to help people learn how market themselves online. Internet marketing, Seo, Social media, PPC – these made me excited. When I got excited, I could contribute in ways which were unimaginable (even to me). Passion was the key for me.

Once I found my passion, I realized that the next hurdle was not being consistent. I always let "other things" take over my day. The blog posts were staggered. They were not consistent.

Breaking this mold is not easy for me, but when I am taking the small steps, I have realized that money just came by. I am asking you a simple question. Tell me why are you blogging?

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Author: Saroja02 May 2013 Member Level: Silver   Points : 2

Yes. Blogging should have consistency and more than that unique, creative, useful tips, genuine and original blogs have its own impact and people should wait patiently as we have not invested anything for blogging and how can we expect return immediately.

Nice to see your experience and put it nicely as story.

Guest Author: Suchithra S21 Mar 2014

Can you tell me the details as a personal message. I just wanted to know in detail what really made the difference. I mean the mistake you made at first and what was done as a correction in your business of blogging. Can you give me some ideas too. I am a person with a lot of time and seeking for a good job. Waiting for your reply.

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