How to convert Laptop internal Hard Disk in to external USB Hard Drive?

This article gives a solutions for upgrading Low memory HDD in to high memory HDD for laptop. This article contains simple procedure for converting Laptop Internal Hard Disk in to External Hard Drive. You can upgrade your laptop hard disk. Just you have to follow simple step for this practice.

Replacement requirements for Laptop Hard Disk

Nowadays with increasing demand from the user Laptop manufacturer are making their product with high configurations like RAM, Hard Disk and Graphics card. People having old Laptop they have limited HDD memory like 40GB, 80GB etc. They need not to worry about their laptop hard disk. Laptop had disk can be upgraded to required user.

You can purchase laptop hard as per your required memory from the any computer shop and External casing required for internal hard disk. The cost of the internal hard disk is depending on the memory and cost of casing is only 300 Rupees. I have Lenovo Laptop 3000N100 which is very old Laptop around six and it has 80GB internal HDD. I have purchased 250GB internal hard disk along with external casing. Laptop hard disk was upgraded to 250GB and old HDD was placed inside the external casing.

Procedure to convert laptop HDD in to USB Hard Drive

Step 1:
Check your laptop configuration from my computer and ask your manufacture about your product whether it is supporting HDD as per your requirement. There are two types of HDD available in the laptop one is SATA and BATA. SATA hard disk is universal in the world because SATA hard can be connected to any laptop and can be accessed. These procedures start with, Turn Off of your Laptop and remove all the cable like power cable, LAN cable and other accessories attached with it.
Lenovo 3000N100
Step 2:
Take screw driver as per the screw size and remove two screws as shown in figure. After removing tow screw remove cover with small hand pressure. You have to take care while removing cover because it can damage the slot of plastic cover. Once the slot damaged then cover could not fit in to slot and it make loose connection.
Lenovo 3000N100
Step 3:
After removing the back cover you will find the hard disk and LAN card at the left side of the hard disk. Look in the figure there is black cover inside the hard disk pick that and drag it to outside of the Laptop, apply some pressure at the end of the hard disk. During this process you have taken care and put tow screw at clean and safe place.
Lenovo 3000N100
Step 4:
After removing the internal laptop hard disk carefully remove four screws at the back side of the HDD remove it and take black plastic cover which is required for new hard disk. Place this cover in new hard disk as shown in old hard disk.
Lenovo 3000N100

Step 5:
Remove two screws from the external hard disk casing and place old hard disk in to it fit two screws. After removing old hard disk from laptop place new hard disk and reverse all the steps. As shown in figure you will get two hard disks like one is upgraded to your laptop and second is external hard disk.
Lenovo 3000N100

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Guest Author: SHIVANAND29 Jan 2013

"I am Having Zenith Admiral Laptop,And My Hardisk is Gone,its not starting now.and I want to install a external Hardisk in my Laptop.Becouse I am having external Hardisk,Please help me"How to convert Laptop internal Hard Disk in to external USB Hard Drive?

Author: Jignesh K Patel29 Jan 2013 Member Level: Gold   Points : 0

Please check your hard disk type. purchase 250 GB Hard Disk and casing from any computer store. Remove hard disk from laptop and insert it into the casing. And new hard disk into laptop.

Guest Author: Divya20 May 2015

I have a Lenovo Y560p laptop and it is no longer turning on. I tried everything I can and even Lenovo service center is not able to help it unless I can spend almost the same cost as the laptop to replace the motherboard and other internal parts. I have decided to gave up.

Now what to do with the hard disk? Can I use it as an external drive with my other devices? It is unclear how to use the internal drive like a USB drive. Should I buy an external case and a USB cable to plug it into my other computer as a USB drive?

Guest Author: Gaurav Sharma10 Jun 2021

I have a similar Lenovo Laptop just as yours Lenovo 3000 N100 with 80 GB HDD and 1 GB RAM Intel Dual Core processor purchased somewhere in the year 2007. Can you please suggest up to how much GB Internal HDD I can upgrade this Laptops hard disc and also up to what OS can I use in the same?

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