Top 5 Siri Alternatives for Android Users

For all those android users who are upset with the fact that Android does not have an artificial agent like Apple's Siri. Top 5 alternatives to Siri for android users has been listed here along with their popularity and number of downloads.


"Update status on facebook ", "call up sam" , "Find a pizza joint nearby" etc. We all use voice commands, don't we ? Life becomes very simple with voice commands, the pain of typing is replaced by the fun of expressing your words with your own voice. Apple's late founder, Jobs realised this and so he developed a voice controlled app called Siri, the virtual God of this real world. Siri changed the way we look at technology today and it was appreciated by all the people world wide. It helped people, realise the potential of an artificial agent in the upcoming field of technology.

Now Siri's fans were overwhelmed with joy, so much that Android users found themselves less powerful to Apple users. So came the battle of the best voice assistant and although Siri's technology is still unbeatable and till now no such app has been made by Google, yet there are many app developers out there, who are trying their best and have created awesome alternatives to Siri designed specially for these Android users. Now Go out and have fun with your voice.

Top 5 alternatives to Siri :

#5.Voice Actions(Jeannie)
"She is a friend of Siri". If you want some ones company then I suggest using Jeannie. She has a soft humanoid female voice soothing enough to keep you awake and in company when bored. You can talk about anything. Ask her general questions like "How's the weather today?", "How cold is it outside?", "What is the temperature outside" etc. You see the same question can be asked in any manner and Jeannie will reply like a perfect geek friend. Nice to have her as a virtual company.
Quick facts:
Downloads: >9K (on Android play store)
Rating: 3.9

"Just talk to iris and listen to its wisdom". One of those apps which is compact, easy to use and has limited but very efficient features. This app allows you to make calls, text someone, search stuff on Google, play music of your choice, set reminders, appointments to calendars and your wake up alarm. All using your voice commands.
Note: You need to have "Voice Search" and "TTS library" installed in your phone for iris. to work. Most of the phones have these pre-installed, if not please install them from Android market before you try iris.
Some quick facts:
Downloads: >75K
Rating: 4.2

#3.Speaktoit Assistant
"Looking out for a personal Assistant who will work for you that too for Free, then Speaktoit should be your choice." This artificial voice intelligence can look up the web at your voice command. This technology to find answers to your questions, find information, launch apps and connect you with various web services, such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Evernote, and many others.
You can do a lot more like convert currency, volume measurements, and complex math expressions. So if you are looking out for such an app, its time you check this out.
Downloads: >49K
Rating: 4.6

#2.Vlingo Virtual Assistant
"Vlingo will do whatever you've told it to do"- Wall Street Journal. Yes you read it Right! This assistant is much more advanced than the previous one and it has much more advanced features too. Right from making simple calls, searching the web, finding hotels, restaurants etc. to even booking them , everything can be handled by Vlingo. And what makes it more powerful is its ability to launch any other app by using your voice only.
There is also an option to download Vlingo Keyboard. This makes accessing Vlingo directly with one touch via the microphone button.
Downloads: >36K
Rating: 4.3

"Siri for Android". This is a combination of all possible voice command apps and its developers have left no room empty, it has all till date possible features. Lets say If any app should be voted as an Siri alternative I would give Skyvi's name.

The beauty of this apps is in its witty replies and natural humour. Skyvi is designed not to be messed with, so be prepared for its artificial intelligence is surely going to surpass you.
Downloads : >116K
Ratings: 4.5

It is quite evident from the number of downloads that this app does not need any further explanation. Simply try it out!

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