How to use Whatsapp on Windows PC and other Android Apps too !

This tutorial teaches you the method to use whatsapp , India's most used messenger and ranks almost next to BBM. The step wise tutorial explains how to install and verify whatsapp on PC using bluestacks, a free android emulator.


So you all use Whatsapp and for those who don't know what whatsapp (I doubt if anyone is not familiar with it still), Whatsapp is the largest and best mobile chat messenger. There are many chat messengers like ebuddy, facebook chat, pink chat, Go messenger etc. But Whatsapp stands apart from the rest, not only because it is very smooth, secure and simple to use but also because it was one of the first to to start this kind of service.

In fact, Whatsapp is as famous as Blackberry's messenger BBM, and it has the advantage of being used across any platform unlike the BBM. However, it has not been successful in taking over the world no.1 chatting platform, BBM. Being placed the 2nd overall does not reduce whatsapp's functionality. To be honest, I do find whatsapp better than BBM too.

You can do lots more with Whatsapp. Seamless chatting along with loads of pre-installed smiley's is one aspect, there a lot more features like sending audio, video, sharing current locations and contacts. Whatsapp is free to use for 1 year and thereafter it cost only 1 dollar every year, its cheap because its competitors are absolutely free yet they are not as good as Whatsapp.

Now, answering the main question of this article, you can definitely use whatsapp on PC and the reason for this might be several. For instance, my friend does have a Blackberry mobile phones but many of his overseas friends have Whatsapp, so he used my method to install and use Whatsapp on his laptop. One more friend of mine was comfortable and fast tying on his computer keyboard rather than on the touch phone, so I recommended him to follow these steps:

Step-wise Explanation

#1: Install Bluestacks or Youwave or download any Android Emulator of your choice. Both Blusestacks and Youwave are very good but I prefer Bluestacks, its free and very small size (approx 150mbs). Fast and easy to install and use unlike Youwave which is a premium program ($14.99) but does have a weeks trial.

Bluestacks also has the feature to sync your phone and laptop, making it easy for you, to never miss any notifications on your mobile (like an sms or appointment) while you are so engrossed surfing the net.

#2: After you have installed the Bluestacks (which is required and recommended), you will notice there will be some pre-installed apps and there will be a search bar. Now click on the search bar on the home page and type "Whatsapp messenger". Download it and run it.

#3: The installation process is same as that on a phones. After the download, agree to the terms and conditions. Now you will have to enter 10 digit mobile number along with country code. (make sure this is the right one) Whatsapp is suppose to send a text message to confirm your activation but since you are using a computer, it won't be able to send one. Now wait for few minutes (approx 10 min), it will keep trying (you will be able to see a progress bar). Don't worry just leave it and let it do its work.

# 4: After (approximately 10 mins) it will show an error to send an sms and will ask you to verify by call. Now this is important, the moment you will accept, you will get a call in which you will be given a 3 digit activation code, make a note of it.

#5: Enter the 3 digit verification code and you will be able to use Whatsapp on your PC like never before!

NOTE: There is only one small problem and that is, there is no direct method to copy your contacts to Whatsapp which is now installed on the PC, so you will have to first manually save some contacts on Bluestacks. To do this, all you have to do is open up the dialler and enter a number then on the top it will give you the option of adding that number to contacts. Click on it and you will be able to store the contact in the same way as you do on your phone. Its as simple as it sounds.

There is also another alternate method but it is way too lengthy and involves the use of Android Emulator, CMD and telnet agent (I am just making you aware of it) The method I have described above is the simplest way to get Whatsapp working on your PC and works for everyone.

If at any moment you feel you have not followed any step clearly or have any other doubt, feel free to drop-in a comment and I shall make it my responsibility to have your queries solved at the earliest.

Enjoy chatting using your Whatsapp on PC !!

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Guest Author: Dhruv Tanna25 Jul 2012

I've tried it....

But I can't receive call from whatsapp....

I've tried a lots of time... now what to do... pleas help me...

Message IS : "Unable to connect please try again later"

Please do something...

Guest Author: Shabbir Hussain06 Aug 2012

i tried using my both the number on youwave and reinstalled watsapp so many times. also tried call me option but no luck.

How i can get the 3 digit activation code for my number and use it on youwave.

Guest Author: Tut put16 Sep 2012

I tried the same but it cancelled my account on blackberry phone ??
How can I have 2 instances of same account?

Guest Author: Jp20 Sep 2012

This is very nice, I can now use my other number in my other phone with not android or whatsapp compatible OS.

It took sometime to get the call to receive the code, but after everthing is finnneeeeeeee.

Thanks alot

Guest Author: smylatmih28 Sep 2012

Greetings Mr., please can i synchronize my phone with my laptop with youwave too?
2. please am using youwave but my chatting history doesnt continue, i mean the one on the phone does not continue when i swithed to the one the pc, know when i am work i like to whatsapp on my laptop instead of the phone and when i go home i do it from the phone but the conversation does not updates itselp from the two devices...... please can you help me?

Guest Author: Lathika Charan02 Oct 2012

I am unable to get it done. This article on how to use Whatsapp on Windows PC and other Android Apps must be helpful. It should be given with image attachment so that we can get solve on how to use Whatsapp on Windows PC and other Android Apps. thanks

Guest Author: Mr.Helper29 Oct 2012

This definitely Works on Bluestacks. There might be some issues with Youwave tho. And for all those who are not getting a a little patient, it will eventually work! Thank you techie for this superb article :D

Guest Author: anuja23 Feb 2013

Whatsapp is not getting synced...keep getting a message that it cannot be installed on 2 devices with the same no.

Guest Author: Raj Kapoor04 Mar 2013

I'm using whatsapp on my pc bt due to some problem i had reinstalled youwave so made another account with same number now 'm facing problem in opening it again. What should i do now??

Guest Author: Aannya04 Mar 2013

does it charges money from the phone balance when it sends the 3 digit verification code?? while doing the verification of phone no. i was it was written that carrier chages may apply. i dont have any data pack as well as wifi connection on my phone, so will there be any charges for using whatsapp through laptop?

Guest Author: AG Khan05 Apr 2013

If I install Whatsapp on PC, then will it charge money from my mobile or not? Please, confirm me as soon as possible.

Guest Author: AG khan05 Apr 2013

If I install Whattsapp messenger then it will charge from my mobile or not? Please tell me as soon as possible

Guest Author: hakim05 May 2014

Can I activate whatsapp in my laptop with the same no which I am using in my mobile ? Also tell if whether all the chats will be sync ?

Guest Author: chaitanya27 Jun 2015

I would suggest that you download bluestack software on your PC or laptop and run all Android apps!

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