Best and cheap TV Apps for your iPad and iPhone

Read the best apps that can make your iPad or iPhone a live streaming television app and that too for throwaway prices. Read the best and trusted iTunes apps for streaming TV shows right on your iPad or iPhone screen

A variety of app developers are coming up with ways to bring television shows to your iOS device, making it even easier to keep up with your guilty pleasures. On top of this, there are companies that are inventing and producing accessories and tools for the iPad and iPhone to make your viewing experience a deeper and more realistic experience. Most of these services and accessories come at a relatively low cost, making them an excellent alternative over the pricey bills you may already be paying for TV.

It's still important to know that these suggestions are not recommended for individuals who like viewing live television and want the largest variety of shows possible. Most of these tools will give you access to pre-recorded events and shows but won't cure the itch if you're craving live streaming or looking for a block of entertainment like most channels give you.

However, if you're not heavily into TV and just watch it occasionally or only for specific shows, then these suggestions will probably save you a lot of money in the long run. Here's a look at some of the popular and low-priced applications that are available now in the app store.

Netflix television app for iPhone or iPad

Most people don't immediately think of Netflix when they hear the word "television", the company actually has quite a bit of shows available for streaming through their app. The application for Netflix is free, but you'll have to pay around $8 a month to access to their large library of television shows (and movies too!).

Navigation of the Netflix application is incredibly simplistic and makes use of your iOS devices, accurate touch interface. Simple swipes and taps are all you need to browse through the collection, which can be categorized by genre. You can also search for a specific title via a nifty little search bar that is always available regardless of your location within the app. Unfortunately there isn't necessarily a way to separate television shows into specific genres, although TV does have its own category that is separate from the movies.

The cost for Netflix is a fraction of what you'd pay for cable or satellite, but you need to know that you aren't getting the same set-up as you normally would. Most of the television shows on Netflix aren't brand new. The application is a great way to catch up on past seasons of shows but it definitely isn't the place to catch new episodes. It's also important to know that the application doesn't house every television show currently available. Some things you just won't be able to get with Netflix, and that may not appeal to most of the hardcore viewers out there.

Relax though; Netflix isn't the only option you'll get if you want to turn your 105 device into a TV. In fact, if you're looking for access to new and popular shows, then take a look at the next app.

Price: Free
Category: Entertainment
Updated: Apr 17, 2012
Version: 2.1.3
Size: 11.4 MB
Language: English
Seller: Netflix, Inc.

Hulu television app for iPad or iPhone

Hulu is alreay quite famous for streaming television serials right on your iPad or iPhone screen. It has quite similar functioning like Netflix and also has a similar interface. At $8 per month you can search for your loved television serial using the search browse by the categories to see if there is any serial you would love to catch.

Hulu is a dedicated television app and shows no movies but being a dedicated app it has one of the most exhaustive list of channels covering probably more serials than many of the cable television networks do. Most serials show up on Hulu just after they are televised so with this app you can just forget you worry about missing your favorite serial and catch it on the move on your iPad or iPhone.

Price: Free
Category: Entertainment
Updated: Feb 07, 2012
Version: 2.4.3
Size: 15.6 MB
Languages: English, Japanese
Seller: Hulu, LLC.

iTunes for stream television shows on iPad or iPhone

Most of the available television shows on iTunes are not meant for "streaming" but rather for purchase. This is probably the best option for individuals who are looking for specific shows and titles, rather than just a jumble of content. The television section of iTunes operates just like the rest of the application. You can browse by category, release date, and even rating. You can also search with that ever-so-convenient search box that is located from virtually anywhere within the iTunes application.

The best part of television on iTunes is the fact that pretty much anything recent you are looking for is available. All of the popular shows from the biggest studios will always be on iTunes, but you'll also find obscure titles and even television shows you've never heard of. Just like Hulu, brand new episodes will be available in a very short time after they've aired on their respective networks. However, iTunes can be fairly pricey when it comes down to it. Remember that these shows and episodes are not being streamed, but are instead being downloaded and placed into your iTunes library.

The upside here is that you can view these purchased titles whenever you want, and even transfer them between all of your iOS devices, including Apple TV. This lack of streaming really drives the price up. Instead of paying $8 a month for unlimited access, you're going to be paying around $2.99 for each new episode of a show. Complete seasons of shows will cost approximately $49, although. Although you can cut the cost of that slightly by purchasing something called a "season pass". This special pass will give you access to brand new episodes automatically as they are released to iTunes. The season pass will run you around $35 per title.

This method is a little more costly, but it should appeal to those of you who want to buy and view only specific shows. It's also appealing to individuals who like to watch episodes more than once, as they will be stored to iTunes and always available.

In addition to these apps you also might like to have a look at the accessories available for iPad and iPhone for using them as television.

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