Top TV Accessories for your iPad & iPhone

If you are planning to use your iPad or iPhone as a television then read some accessories to help you with the audio, vidoe and stand for these iOS devices. See the accessories designed to help you make your serial or movie experience on iPad or iPhone a fun and comfortable one

So you've got a good television app for iPad or iPhone, and you've got some shows to watch, but let's be honest in saying that they probably won't be very enjoyable on a small screen and lack a decent sound system. Below are a list of accessories that can really aid you in your television viewing experience. These are some of the best and popular accessories that enhance your television viewing experience on your iOS device based on the latest technology.

Keydex iPad Stand- accessory for iPad

If you plan on watching television shows on your iPad, then you'll probably want to invest in a stand and some speakers. The right setup can be fairly pricey though, and can take up a large amount of space, making it hard to store the items for travel. However, there is a solution that will save you both space and money. The Keydex iPad Stand is both a stylish stand and a powerful set of speakers in one.

Keydex iPad stand setup features a dock, complete with three separate angles (including vertical and horizontal) in which to display your iPad when watching shows. Two 1.5 watt cylinder shaped speakers sit behind the iPad, and promise to produce a solid tone, somewhat like a surround sound system. The speakers can be removed from the dock, which can help when you are trying to fit the system into a smaller bag. You'll also get a white colored silicone case that helps to protect your iPad from damage when it's cradled in the stand.

The best part about Keydex iPad stand is the price point. You're looking at around $30 - nothing compared to most stands and speakers. A lot of customers who purchased this setup were very happy with the performance. This is the perfect tool for someone who wants to get the best viewing experience possible from their iPad.

Apple Digital AV Adapter- accessory for iPad or iPhone

Maybe watching television shows on the iPad or iPhone's screen just isn't your thing. Luckily there is a solution for that too. If you already have an LCD television, there is a way to hook your iOS device directly into your TV. Once it's hooked in, you'll be able to access all of your goodies on your iOS device, but see them played on a much larger screen. You're also going to get the sound output from your LCD. This allows you to hear your shows better and gives you a more "television like experience".

This is ideal for the individual who wants to have their television and watch their shows, but don't want to shell out hundreds of dollars a month for service. In fact, with an iOS device, this special Apple Digital AV Adapter, and a subscription to Hulu, you'll have a massive collection of episodes for around $8 a month. This nifty cord is a one time purchase, and will only cost you around $35. Most cable companies and satellite providers charge double that a month just for a basic package.

This cord is also very mobile. You can stuff it into a travel size bag and hook it directly into a television at a hotel or other locale. This gives you the best bang for your buck when it comes to traveling around, however, you must have a television handy wherever you go. This can be tricky sometimes, which is why most people recommend also getting a stand and headphones for those times that you're on long flights or taking the bus.

Apple TV

This nifty little box is hands-down, without a doubt, the best way to get the "television" experience you want from your iOS devices. In a nutshell, Apple TV will give you access to all of the iTunes content you already love and enjoy, and will allow you to purchase new content whenever you like. The kicker here is that Apple TV plugs directly into your television set, transforming it into an iTunes capable unit. In fewer words, you're taking the TV you already own and transforming it into a faux iOS device. What could be a better television accessory for iOS devices!

You'll get immediate access to iTunes, which houses all of the music, movies, and television shows that you've already purchased. You can even procure new content from your television by way of a special remote control. On top of all of this, you're getting access to a built in Netilix application.

If you pay the monthly $8 subscription fee, you'll be able to access Netflix's complete collection on your LCD TV. Better yet, you're getting a built-in version of Youtube, as well as a variety of sports applications like MLBTV and ESPN. These services are always free to access and don't require any extra purchases.

Apple has just recently unveiled Air Play too, which lets you activate content from any of your iOS products, including your iPhone, iPad, iPod, and even your Mac devices. All of this is done wirelessly, and streamed between your devices, making it a simple and convenient service.

While this may be the most "complete" way to get access to everything on your television, it's also the most expensive. The Apple TV box is priced around $99, however, if you watch a ton of TV, then its a small price to pay for all the features you're getting.

It's actually very feasible nowadays with all the features and applications available to have a decent television set-up on iPad or iPhone. A lot of people I have talked to who aren't die-hard television fans have opted out of their pricey cable and satellite setups in exchange for cheaper and more economical choices on the internet. Many of us already have iOS devices, which we use for a variety of reasons like working, listening to music, watching movies, and playing games. Watching our favorite television shows on these devices too just seems like a logical practice.

All things considered, remember that Netilix and Hulu both come with free trials and it is highly recommend giving these services a try before you truly decide to commit to them and drop your current television providers.

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