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Learn how to send text messages, backup existing messages and contacts from your computer to any mobile phone, anywhere, without having to pay or display unnecessary ads. Take control of your phone with AirDroid and learn how to simultaneously text and sync your phone with your computer.


Just imagine if you left your Android phone at home and you need to send an official message that should be flashing your mobile number only on the receivers phone(ofcourse without any unnecessary advertisements!) or may be you like typing on the keyboard than on a touch screen. I know, I personally prefer typing on a computer; it's faster and less prone to errors, also to be frank I am used to tying on the keyboard.

Not only does it provide a smother platform for texting but it also makes it easier to synchronise and take a back up of your favourite texts. In this 21st century, I am quite sure you spend most of your time texting, let it be whatsapp or bbm, its still texting!

For all these type of people Android developers have made many several apps. But I like 3 of them and in this article I am going to rationalise my choices to you all

MobiTexter-Freedom in your hands

MobiTexter is one of those rare combinations of a perfect idea, simple website and an awesome Android app. MobiTexter lets you send a text message from any browser in the world, the biggest boon to this technology is that you are not bound by the OS nor are you bound by the platform i.e. you can even user the browser of any other portable device like an ipad or a tablet. If you use an ipad, it's like Apple helping Android, sounds weird, Right?

And to make it even better, let me tell you, this is absolutely FREE. Zero cost to send sms, however data usage charges will apply as per your data plan.

AirDroid-Freedom in the air

Not only can you control your text messages but you can also control your phone, that too without any cable wire dangling between your phone and your computer. AirDroid, the name speaks for itself, creates a sort of server which connects your phone to the computer via the Wifi. Once connected, you can transfer big files, music , photos and lots more. Sending text messages is similar to that of MobiTexter, you send text from your browser.

Now I recommend AirDroid to other apps as you can simultaneously transfer files to and fro while doing your texting work, makes sync much more fun!

MightyText-freedom in your conversation

This one is a bit different. MightyText is actually a Google chrome browser extension. I really love this one because unlike the other ones, here conversation is shown in the thread style, its like chatting using some messenger service. All your new sms are shown on your computer as a pop up notification. There is one more beneficial service of MightyText and it is seaming less backup of the old messages from the phone to the computer along with the contacts.

I really like the MightyText and there is nothing better than that if you only need an alternative keyboard and to back up your and pre-existing messages contacts. Its smooth 2 minute installation makes it much better a choice to use whenever one needs it. All good things do have a disadvantage and so even this app does have one disadvantage if you did not notice. MightText is a browser extension for Google chrome only, it does not support any other browser yet. So if you want to use this app only, first make sure you have chrome installed on your computer.

TextMagic-Freedom in the internet is one of the best at sending sms from internet to a phone anywhere. It is a premium service with low service charges but you can always sign up for the free trail (10 free credits). Its network spreads over 700 countries worldwide coverage and not only can you send texts but this site allows you receive text on your computer too, making your conversation smoother. The texts are also delivered immediately. There is no lag, no wait!

*Do note that MightyText and MobiTexter both are free to use although internet usage charges can be applied as per your data plan. There is also a possible delay in sending and receiving of texts.

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