How to send anonymous emails

Learn how to send anonymous emails to any address without ever revealing your identity or leaving behind any trace. Play pranks by sending emails from your friends email id without ever knowing his password! Note: Do not use these services to do any illegal activities

Have you been shy to disclose your love for someone or perhaps suggest something to your boss but have the fear of being insulted ? If not this, then at least you may have been a victim of some email prank ? Now I the purpose of this article is to tell you about various techniques to send anonymous emails or self-destructing mails which self-destruct automatically within a time limit after being read. Lets say you want to send some personal message (like some personal pin number) and you don't want others to read it, then you can make use of a self-destruct email!

The following is common information which has to be filled in

  • From: (it can as funny as

  • To: (whomsoever you want to send it)

  • Subject: (same as standard subject)

  • Message: (secret, most sites have a limit of up to 160 characters only)

  • Here's a list of various websites which provide you with different service. Most of them have FREE as well as PREMIUM services, according to your needs. This list has been compiled keeping in mind the most used websites

    Send Anonymous Mail

    Ranked No.1 on Google. This one is the simplest to use. All you have to do is specify the receivers and senders address along with the subject and the message. You will also have to enter a captcha. Be careful while using this site, because it keeps a track of your IP address. If I was in your place, I would better not try doing anything illegal through this site.


    The same as the above one but the beauty of this lies in the fact that it does not store any information at all, thus making it almost impossible to trace you back. Now the only drawback of this service is that, the email can be delayed up to 12 hrs, this is to protect the identity of the server from which the email has been sent. So if you are in a great hurry I do not recommend you to use this.


    Another unique concept which I really liked. This site allows you to share a secret message, only this time you do not need the receivers address i.e. silentsender will store all the messages in a 256 bit encryption code on its site only , making it very secure for anyone else to crack it. Head on to their website to understand it better. & Burn note

    You remember I told you about the self-destructing emails. I know you must be wondering why would you need to even send a mail that would get deleted after reading. So here's why, just say you want to share some text with your ex or you want to say something to your boss and you definitely don't want him to use it as an evidence against you tomorrow? Do you ? So the best way is to use a self-destructing emails. These will automatically be deleted after a set time (the time limit is decided by the sender) leaving behind no trail, no evidence at all, it's like you never sent it only!

    BONUS: 10 minut email

    This actually does not fit in here but still I would Like to mention it. I have been using "10 minute mail" ever since I have got to known of it and I bet you will be using it soon, after reading about it. It is a disposable email which is active only for 10 minutes, the purpose of this is to beat spam. Many websites want you to confirm your email address before you download or sign up for their services. These site later spam your inbox with unnecessary advertisements. This site helps to beat this marketing strategy. You can just head on to 10minutemail and copy their auto generated address and can receive emails in that account name. You can also ask for 10 more minutes. Great free service to use!


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