iTunes apps to keep your iOS device safe from theft or getting lost

Have you bought one of the expensive Apple devices like the iPhone and iPad and are already worried about its safety? Worry not, here we have the best iTunes apps to help you track you iPhone or iPad in case it is stolen or is lost

To most people, an Apple iOS device is more than just a small "purchase' It's an investment and can cost a pretty penny depending on what model and features you decide to buy. An iPhone, iPod, or iPad can bet you back anywhere between 150.00 to 1000.00 USD. Not to mention that these devices are incredibly popular and even "sold out" in certain stores For some, getting a hold of an iOS device can mean rigorous money saving and in some instances, a great amount of patience.

It is because of this high price tag and increased popularity that many thieves and swindlers are looking to get a live finger discount' on arty and all Apple products they see. There are reports all the time about stolen high-dollar merchandise and products from a variety of locations. It is important to understand that iOS devices are no different and are often the target of theft. Thieves do not discriminate either. There have been reports of swiped 105 devices from homes, stores, and in some cases devices are even taken right from a victims bag or pocket.

The good news is that society now revolves around a world of rapidly changing technology. "Back in the day" it was much harder to track down a criminal and It often took a variety of different detectives and police outfits to recover stolen goods. We now have GPS tracking devices, implanted chips, and even lockable and pass-coded items to ensure that our expensive goodies are kept safe from prying hands. In fact, there are even applications that help with anti-theft and recovery. Many of these Items are available now and won't cost you much.

Since the boom of the "application craze," pretty much everything has an app associated with it. Anti-theft tools are no different and there are a variety of applications you can get to aid you in protecting your .05 device. Some of these programs are free and others require a small fee, but all of them are definitely worth a look.

Find My iPhone iTunes app for stolen iPhone or iPad

Find My iPhone
The most important app to have on your device is made by Apple themselves. Find My iPhone was released a while back and is the most "comprehensive" tool for tracking your iOS device. This application is free for your Phone, iPod, iPad, and Mac, and can be found in the Apple App Store. In fact, the new iPad HD comes pre-installed with this program. Find My iPhone works in conjunction with the free iCloud service that you get with all of your devices. To activate the program all you have to do is install it on your device and activate the iCloud.

The reason that Find My iPhone is so useful is that it can be "accessed" from anywhere using the iCloud. If someone steals your iPhone or iPad you can simply go to http:// www, and log in with your Apple ID. Once logged in, you can see a map of where your iOS device is located, via GPS. You can also send a message to your phone that can be seen on the lock screen, or even lock the phone down completely. You can also "erase" all of your personal data. This ensures that whoever has your phone cannot access sensitive data like phone contacts, bank information, or even passwords and addresses.

Find My iPhone will work even if the application is turned completely off. The app will need to be installed on your device though. You can hide the icon in a folder in order to make it harder for a would-be thief to discover it. You can even set restrictions to ensure that no one can install or delete applications that are currently on your device. This restriction set can be pass-coded for even further protection.

Find My iPhone is something that every iOS user should get immediately and should be the first application you put on your device.

GadgetTrak iTunes app for stolen iPad or iPhone

If you're looking for a little more protection, for a little more money, then check out GadgetTrak, This application can do everything that Find My iPhone can and a little more. You can still track your phone via cell-towers, and wifi connections, but you will find a few more unique features that help keep your device safe.

For one, GadgetTrak will take a picture of your "thief" via the front- facing camera on your iOS device. This camera will trigger when the snooper attempts to put in your passcode. If the code entered in is incorrect, the camera will snap a photo of the criminal and send it to a pre-determined email destination of your choice. This photographic evidence can really help police to catch whoever took your device. It can also show you if anyone has been trying to access your phone while you were away from your desk or In the restroom. This application doesn't just track your iPhone or iPad, it also tracks who took it and that can be the difference between finding your product or losing it.

Gadgetrrak isn't free though and will cost you around 3.99USD base to get it up and running If you want the "camera" and photo support you will have to pay an in- application fee of an additional 0.99 USD. The good news is that these are one time purchases and 5.00 USO isn't going to set you back much. In fact, you will probably more than happy to pay the cost just to have the peace of mind associated with knowing your device is safe and easy to locate.

ICAM — Webcam Video Streaming app for stolen iPhone or iPad

iCam - Webcam Video Streaming
Perhaps you're looking for something that acts mote like a security monitoring system, than a device tracker. Something that can help keep all of your possessions safe. The CAM application can give you the feeling of a complete security camera system without all the need for expensive cameras and recording devices. In fact, ICAM works with just your iiOS device and a web cam.

By downloading the CAM application on your iOS device you can then sync it with any web cameras that you have connected to a PC. You will need to download and install special CAM software to whatever PC you wish to use after being synced, your iOS device can act as a viewing portal, allowing you to see what your web cams see across any Wifi or 3G network. For example, you can set up multiple cameras around your home so you can keep an eye on your residence no matter where you are. This will help keep your possessions safe and give you valuable evidence should anyone break in.

The application is compatible for a variety of different web cameras including those that show images and audio. Your iOS device will even alert you via a Push Notification if it senses any "motion." Using your device you can pause, rewind, record, and even store videos for future viewing. All of your cameras can be easily named for quick identification.

At only $4.9 this application is a must have for anyone that wants a low-tech security system. This one time purchase will give you a lot of help as you can easily check on your residence while away, all from the simple push of a button. This isn't just for criminals either. This application can help you keep and eye on your pets, "baby-sit" your kids, and can capture whether or not a babysitter or nanny are actually doing their jobs. ICAM gives you all the comfort of a complete security camera system at a fraction of the cost.

In addition to this you can also use some accessories to protect your iPhone or iPad.

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