Accessories to keep your iOS devices (iPhone & iPad) safe from theft

Have you bought an expensive hand held Apple device like iPhone or iPad and are now looking for accessories to keep your iOS device safe from theft or getting lost? Read this article for physical tools to keep your iPad or iPhone safe from theft

If you're looking for a physical way to protect your iPhone or iPad then you'll prefer to go the route of accessories, rather than applications to protect your iPhone or iPad. Accessories can come in a variety of different types and to be honest there are quite a few objects made by a mass of different companies that claim to keep your Apple devices safe. Here are two options that provide great safety for a fairly low price and have favorable customer reviews.

The iPad Lock by MacLocks for theft protection

When is the last time you took your bicycle out for a spin? If you live in a big city, chances are you carried a bike lock with you. You wouldn't want an expensive purchase like a bicycle to get stolen, so why wouldn't you offer your iPad the same protection? The iPad Lock by MacLocks is literally like a bike lock for your tablet. The ironclad casing slips around your device and comes complete with a little "lock and key" plug in.

The lock is on a flexible steel filament that can be wrapped around a table leg, pole, or any other "stationary" anchor point. It then plugs into your case and locks tight, holding device in a fixed position, much like a bike lock.

The set comes with two keys that can easily be combined to a key-ring for easy transport. The entire iPad Lock set comes with the case, steel filament lock, and even an anti-scratch screen protector. Although this set might seem to be a little on the expensive side at around 69.95 USD, you are actually getting a great value here. Thieves can't steal your iPad without literally damaging the case and any thief that is looking to resell your object isn't going to take that chance. It could also take some serious tools and a lot of strength to get the lock or case open and that could result in a lot of witnesses.

The investment here is really worth It. You're getting a sleek and stylish case and a lightweight lock that looks good and can travel with you wherever you go. Forget about tracking your iPad once it is stolen, the iPad Lock will make sure its never missing to begin with, and that assurance is worth every penny.

PacSafe Anti-Theft travel gear

If you do a lot of travelling or a lot of work on your iOS device outside of the office or home, then chances are you have a carrying case or a bag The problem with normal bags is that they are often easily ripped, deteriorate over time, and can quickly be snatched or cut from your person by a swift criminal. It can be easy for a thief to sneak up on an unsuspecting target in the middle of a large crowd on a busy street and make off with their bag, disappearing moments after with your iPhone or iPad too.

However, there is an easy solution to this iPad theft problem and it comes in the form of a PacSafe travel bag for iPad and iPhone. PacSafe makes a variety of anti-theft and durable travel bags that range in size from large backpacks, all the way down to small purses. These bags are made to protect expensive devices and travel gear and have a variety of different attributes that help to keep things safe.

For one, the PacSafe bag is slash resistant This means that the container is made of incredibly durable fibers that are very hard to cut open. Whether its the knife of a would-be criminal or a sharp object like a sign corner or a tree branch, the PacSafe bag isn't prone to bursting open. Keeping Identity Theft and RFID in mind, PacSafe has added a special P110 safe pocket to some of their carry cases. This special pouch is used to protect sensitive items like credit cards and phones from being attacked by hackers. This keeps all of your information safe from wireless intrusion, ensuring that you'll never be a victim of identity theft.

PacSafe bags also come equipped with things like anti-rip and tear straps and durable zippers. This ensures that criminals can not literally "rip" a case from your hands or shoulder. They also have cushioned inner panels and hidden pockets to keep all of those fragile electronic devices safe from damage.

These bags range in price and run anywhere from $40.00 all the way up to over $100.00. That isn't much though when you consider the materials used to make sure all your devices are in tip top shape, not to mention all of the ants-theft practices put into action. Having a trustworthy and durable portable storage is something that's worth Investing in, and these prices aren't going to break your bank.

Insurance for iPhone and iPad

It's probably something that a lot of people don't realize but iOS device insurance is available and very reasonably priced. There are a lot of insurance plans from different cell phone providers and retail electronic stores and some of them even offer anti-theft insurance. You can also get these types of insurances at a discounted price from a variety of different sources online.

One example of such a company is Ensquared. This online warranty and insurance provider will offer two years worth of Insurance that protects against theft, loss of device, and even damage. All of this can be had for a one time (every two years) fee of around $120.00. If you break that down its only costing you about $5.40 per month for a great amount of protection.

If something does happen to your device, Ensquared will usually replace it with a new device or in some instances will give you the cash value of the product when it was brand new. These types of services offer an incredible amount of peace of mind and can really help you out if something happens to your device that is beyond your control. Some forms of "renters and home Insurance" will even cover objects like an iOS device If it is damaged or stolen. You can contact specific Insurance agencies to find out iPad insurance is a service that they offer.

We protect our cars, our homes, and even our lives, so why wouldn't we want protection for our expensive Apple devices. These devices can be much more than entertainment and can house a literal extension of our lives. Whether it is personal Information, pictures, or just notes and doodles, our iOS gadgets can house a plethora of important things.

Because of this, their value extends far beyond a price tag. You owe it to yourself to research some of these anti-theft and protection methods to see which one best fits your lifestyle. Just remember, one of the biggest forms of anti- theft is common sense and self-awareness and even if you have an impressive amount of security in place for your devices it doesn't mean you should completely let your guard down. These tips and tools are simply there to help you prepare against unforeseeable events.

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I definitely use Maclocks for my MacBook Air :) a great product!!

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