iPad Art: digital photography on tablet PCs and Procreate painting app review

Read this article to know how companies are aiming to utilize the technology of touch screens to promote the art of painting on tablet PCs and read the review of the Procreate painting app of iOS and how it provides you will amazing tools to paint on a tablet

Art has consistently evolved through the years. Cultures went from wall carvings and sculptures to hand-drawn and painted masterpieces. Art started to form across a variety of different mediums too. Photography, crafting, architecture — all of these things can be vessels of creativity for an artist Art has even become digitalized and creators are starting to create works. In 3D, virtually painting things, and even touching up and morphing photographs. This new digital boom belongs primarily to the PC's and MAC's of the world, but a new contender is threatening to blow the digital art scene wide open. I'm talking about the new iPad HD.

Draw / Paint on iPad HD

There were already a ton of creativity based applications available for use on iOS devices, including the 'Pad 2, but talented artists never really saw the tablet as anything more than just "something to have fun with." But the retina display of the new Pad HD might change the general assumption about iOS devices and art- The display on the iPad HD is better looking than a lot of television sets and beats out any tablet currently on the market. Sure, there are a lot of laptops and computers available out there but most of the "good ones" run at the same price point as Apple's device. Not to mention that the iPad already comes with a touchable interface and you can "draw on it" with a stylus pen. If you want to literally draw or paint into a PC or a MAC you will need to make use of special peripherals like the Bamboo Pad or the Wacom Tablet.

Even if you have these peripherals, it can be difficult to learn how to use them. The issue with most drawing tablets is that you cannot "see" what you are drawing on the tablet itself. The pen-strokes appear on the computer screen, which means that you must watch the computer screen while moving the stylus on the pad. This isn't the traditional way in which people paint or draw as most are probably looking at their "canvas" and watching their tools move when they create- The iPad HD gives artists that ability but in a digital form. Because it is a touch-based tablet, you are free to watch your brush-strokes as you make them. Drawing on a touch-based device is "just like" drawing on paper. you can erase, use a variety of colon, and pick the size and hardness of the line you wish to produce, All of this is done within the tablet though and there is no need to buy expensive canvasses or art tools This might make the iPad a much more appealing tool to the artist that wishes to create but cannot afford all of the required items.

"Procreate" painting app review

Procreate iOS app logo
It seems that app development companies are taking notice of this too as many applications are coming out in order to aid the new-age iPad Artist.

Savage Interactive's "Procreate" has been around since 2011, but it's quickly becoming what many consider to be the "main" app to use for painting. Although, it looks more like a "desktop" art program, Procreate iOS app was developed custom for tablets in an attempt to bring mainstream digital art citation onto devices like the iPad HD.

This app brings an incredible sense of "painting" realism to your digital device, which is something that no other application has really been able to capture. With Procreate, you'll be able to mix and smudge paints together to create new colors, Paint will decay, dry and interact with your "canvas" just like real paint would, allowing you to craft visually realistic masterpieces.

Procreate runs on the OpenGL Silica Painting Engine, which was designed specially for the iPad device. This art engine will be sure to use every last bit of the iPad's processing power. In order to create an unparalleled painting experience with the Silica Engine, you'll be making adjustments and brush-strokes that show up in real time. Unlike most art applications, there is no "lag" or waiting when you operate Procreate. This gives you a much greater Immersion and sense of realism, mocking the feeling of painting on a traditional canvas.

Features of iOS Procreate app

Savage Interactives brain-child has a lot of helpful tools that can aid you in creation too. With a number of measurement tweakers, color designers, and filter-like masks, you'll be able to create paintings with an incredible amount of depth and shadow. All in all, according to SI's website, there are over 100 features for Procreate. But perhaps the most impressive feature is the massive amount of brush-types and tools that you'll have at your disposal.

These different brushes can accomplish a variety of things, like mimicking human hair, fur on an animal, or just creating very abstract angles and swipes. More importantly, you can make your own brush types, with over 16 customizable options. This gives you complete freedom over your painting, giving you a physically realistic canvas in a digital realm

You get the same things here as you do in most other programs - the ability to save paintings and continue to work on them later, along with normal sharing and storage options.

Procreate is dirt cheap at only 4 99 USD, considering all of the features you are getting. Not to mention that this app has already undergone updates arid will continue to develop with subsequent updates In the future. Recently, SI added the ability to paint in HD, with the new iPad HD device This will help your creations to look even better If you're looking for a complete and cohesive painting experience, then check out Procreate. SI has already set the bar with the release of this app, and they really set the bar high.

Procreate app specifications

Price: $4.99
Category: Entertainment
Updated: April 11, 2012
Version: 1.6
Size: 55.8 MB
Languages: English
Seller: Savage Interactive Private Limited.
Download: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/procreate-sketch-paint-create./id425073498?mt=8

Procreate app pros:
  • Procreate is highly responsive with almost zero stroke lag.

  • On-screen Brush size and opacity.

  • The user interface is simple and intuitive.

  • You can automatically save your work in the background.

Procreate app cons:
  • There is limit of only 704x960 pixels for the canvas export size.

  • The export options are limited with only PNG, PDF, and layered PSD export formats.

  • There is no in-app help.

  • No free version of the app is available to sample the app.

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