Hardware tools- cases to protect your iPhone/iPad from physical damage

Read this article to know about the different cases available in the market to protect your precious iPhone/iPads from any physical harm. Read about the chasis protection hardware tools available in market especially for Apple devices.

All Apple devices are a class in their own right. Their looks, quality and functions are something that every gadget lover wants. People have to do plannings before buying an iPad or iPhone. So, it becomes quite obvious that you would also want to spend some money on screen guards for iPad/iPhone and also cases to protect your iOS device from any type of bump and fall or any other physical damage. So read on this article to know about the cases to protect your iPhone/iPads from physical damage.

Cases for Apple device chasis protection

There are a variety of different cases and covers that you can buy for your iOS device, most of them are for decoration. Whether its a snap on color, or a designed sleeve, these cases are usually the opposite of protective. If you drop your device or spill something on it you can pretty much guarantee that these types of cases will either break with it or will provide no protection at all. The good news is that there are some cases that are specially designed to protect your technological investment from harm.

Otterbox Defender Apple device chasis protection
The Otterbox Defender may not be the cheapest option on the market but it is one of the most comprehensive tools available to protect your iOS products. Defender cases are tight-fitting, multilayered, and strong. They hug your entire device, enveloping it in a shield that will keep it safe from dropping and damage. These cases come with a built-in screen protector that lies slightly above your screen, eliminating the need to apply those sometimes tricky film type screen-protector sheets. It also comes with a separate "snap on" cover that uses smart technology to automatically place your device in sleep mode once it is snapped into place. The cover also has special slots in side of it and it can be turned upside down and placed under the device, turning it into a stand. Otterbox's website also offers a variety of other stands and cases that are tailored to different lifestyles and primary uses.

Drycase Waterproof Cases for Apple devices

iPhone Dry case
DryCase products were specifically designed for individuals who spend a lot of time in or around water. Divers, swimmers, and other aquatic professions make great use of these cases but they can also be very useful to those of us who travel and who might be enacting in an activity that revolves around water. If you own an iOS device you probably already know that liquid is your worst enemy and can render a device completely useless in a matter of seconds. There are a variety of products on the market that help to "dry out" a product once it has gotten wet, but the DryCase takes it a step further by keeping your product dry from the start.

Although it may look a little weird, the DryCase uses incredibly smart technology to allow you to use your device underwater. The buttons and functions on your product will still work even when the device is locked within the DryCase. The process to "waterproof" your iPhone or iPad is actually really simple. All you do is snap open the DryCase, slide the device in, and then snap the case closed. From there, you hook a "hand pump" up to a special one-way air valve. You will pump the air out, literally vacuum sealing the device inside. This vacuum seal makes the case stretch very tight over the touch screen, so you to still use the buttons through the thin material. You can even take photos because the case is 100 percent clear on both sides, leaving your camera operational.

The case even comes with a lanyard for easy carrying and also comes with a special waterproof headphone adapter. This will let you hook waterproof headphones (which you can also purchase from DryCase) to your device and listen to music even if you are underwater. If you surf a lot, or do any other water-heavy activities you might worry about what happens if you "drop" your device into the water.

The buoyant neoprene armband solves this problem by "latching" the device to your arm. If you do drop it though, the band causes the case float to the surface, making it much easier to locate.


I personally use a case for my smartphone and know that it can keep the looks and life of your smartphone or tablet in best conditions. And for an expensive yet sensitive device like iPad or iPhone, a case to protect it falls and bumps is very important

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