Undela Windows recovery utility tool - A free software to recover files

Undela Windows recovery utility tool, a free software to recover files. Did you do a Shift plus delete on your file by mistake and now want the data back? Meet the Undela utility tool which helps you to recover your data. The article explains a step by procedure to recover your files that were permanently deleted carelessly.

Windows has become a part and parcel of our lives. Data is the food for Windows. The database has its value as all the important information is stored in the database. Many files clubbed together form a database.Security of these files is very important.The files not only store data but acts as a reference for the future. However, a simple delete can ruin the whole database losing all the valuable information in flash of a second. If by mistake the delete button is punched, the file still goes in the recycle bin which can be retrieved at any point of time. But what if shift plus delete is punched in by mistake? Is there no way to get back the data? Well, Windows brings its new application Undela –its new recovery software.

What is Undela and how does it work?

Undela is a recovery application tool brought to you by Windows. It helps to recover the data which has been permanently deleted. This tool works by browsing through the free disk space in your computer and sorting out with a list of files that are available. If the particular file which is being deleted is found, with few simple clicks the file can be restored back to normal.

Steps to recover your permanently deleted data

The undela software can be downloaded from http://www.downloadmost.com/freeware/download/?Undela-18856.html. Once the tool is installed click on the Scan button to allow the computer to refresh and find all the files available in the free disk space. It will generate a list of files. If a particular type of file need to be searched for the settings can be changed by going to Files and then Options and changing the file type that requires to be searched.

Preview of undula

Once the file or the files are found, check in their respective checkbox and then punch on the Restore tab. Undula also provides an option of viewing the files with a preview option. Then you need to select the Drive in which the file needs to be restored back. Once the drive is selected the files are retrieved back. All these options are provided in the upper top bar as tabs.

Selecting a drive to restore data

Cons about the Undula Windows utility tool

Although it's an effective tool for recovering data, only those files can be recovered which are available in the free space of the hard drive or the removable storage devices. This means that if the deleted space has been overwritten with something, the data cannot be recovered.

Pros of Undula windows utility tool

Undula provides a platform not only to restore the required data but also gives an option of viewing the amount of data still available which the layman thinks has been permanently deleted. This is a sure way of recovering your data albeit it's in the free disk space of your computer.

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