Disadvantages and problems in accepting Guest Posts in your blog

Do you accept guest posts in your blog? Are you afraid it may harm your blog? Read my experience on the disadvantages of accepting guest posts in your blog and how they can harm your site.

It is a widely followed practice to accept guest posts in websites and blogs. Most of the SEO experts recommend writing guest posts in other websites to promote your own blog.

Think about the other side of it. SEO experts suggest you to write guest posts in other websites just to promote your blogs and not to help other websites. So, whoever offers to write guest blogs, have the exact same intention - they just want to promote their blogs. They will not worry about your site getting penalised for any violations. All they care for is the backlinks to their websites.

In last 12 years of my blogging experience, I tried to avoid guest posts but last year I started accepting some guest posts in some of my websites on experimental basis. However, I quickly discovered a lot of problems and some of my small sites started getting penalised by Google. It did not take a long for me to realise accepting guest articles is not a good SEO practice for me to follow, even though it did not cause any visible problems to my authority sites.

How guest posts can harm your blog?

Here is a list of disadvantages of accepting guest posts in your blog, which I gathered from my own experience in Techulator.com and other websites in last several years:

1. One of the biggest disadvantages of accepting guest posts is, quality of guest posts are very low in almost all cases. This was not a big problem in the olden days when guest posting were done in a professional manner. In last 1 or 2 years, guest posting has become very common to promote websites and most of the guest authors get it written by unprofessional authors who charge very low cost for writing (poor quality) guest articles. If you look at Facebook, you can find a lot of groups where people offer guest writing services at very cheap rates. In fact, what they do is, they will make several copies of a single article by rewriting it in different words.

2. Many of the guest articles are spun versions of original articles, generated using software, which are hard to detect. Most people who offer guest posting services are not professionals. They just do it as a temporary and quick way to earn some money. They use tools to generate articles by spinning original articles. Search engines are smart enough to detect such spun articles and the site publishing site will be penalised for using such articles. Accepting this kind of guest posts can seriously harm the search engine ranking of your website.

3. Many of the guest posts are taken from offline sources like newspapers and books. You cannot detect by searching in Google or other regular ways of finding plagiarized content. But you may land in to copyright violation issues in future and your site may be penalised for reproducing content. The guest author has nothing to lose in this case.

4. Guest posts will come with backlinks to other websites, which means you are sending your readers away from your website to other websites. You may be losing your readers to other websites by allowing guest posts. Ultimately, the guest posts may not add much value to your site and instead, it may end up losing your readers to other sites. This is one of the biggest disadvantage of accepting guest posts in your blog.

5. Linking to bad sites may make your site blacklisted by search engines. In many cases, you may have no control on the link added in the guest posts. Search engines like Google will penalise your site, if you link to bad sites. Sometimes, the links may appear to be linking to good sites but it is possible that those sites may have other violations, which may not be visible on quick look. To avoid harming your own blog, you should not accept any guest posts that link to bad sites.

6. Get troubled by guest bloggers: I have received few emails from guest bloggers asking me to change their link in guest articles published in my sites. They often want to keep changing their links to various sites to keep promoting their other sites. This will become a pain for you to keep working on those requests. Wasting your time to change the links and make modifications in the guest posts are one of the distractions caused by accepting guest articles.

7. Your readers will stop trusting you. You will have loyal readers if you blog regularly on interesting topics. It would discourage readers when they find that some of your posts are written by others and are meant to promote some other sites or products. Losing the trust of your readers can be a big disadvantage of accepting guest posts.

8. Link Schemes and link building penalty: Google hates link schemes and manual link building with the aim of manipulating search engine ranking. Many times, the guest articles you receive for your blog will link to other websites which focus a lot on link building and search engine optimization. Eventually, search engines might detect such link building practices and both the publisher site and the linked website will be penalised for being part of the link building activity.

How to avoid SEO problems and link building penalties

Even though accepting guest posts have many disadvantages, you can follow some tips and reduce chances of penalities. Read how to accept guest posts without harming your blog and how guest posting affect SEO

Article by Tony John
Tony John is a professional blogger from India, who started his first Weblog in 1998 at Tripod.com. Tony switched to blogging as a passion blended business in the year 2000 and currently operates several popular web properties including IndiaStudyChannel.com, Techulator.com, dotnetspider.com and many more.

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Author: AkashArora22 May 2012 Member Level: Bronze   Points : 1

After Reading your article I think that accepting Guest Posts for New blogs is not Good Whereas if blog is reputed and having Good Web Reputation can accept Good Quality Guest Posts.

It will be Good for a New blogger to get Paid Posts instead of getting Guest Posts with 1 or 2 links.

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