How to make Android App for your blog/website

Have you ever thought of making an App for your blog but do not have the programming skills to develop an app? This article will tell you the procedure to make an Android application of your blog.

In some of my previous articles, I wrote about how to make a blog in Wordpress and Top 10 tips to improve Alexa rank of your blog/website. In this article I will cover the steps to make an Android app for your blog to run on Android phones of all versions.

1. Just goto this URL to make Android app for your blog. Click here to make Android app

2. You will see the home page as below.
Make Android App for your blog/website

3. Now you have to just enter your blog's RSS URL in the form given. If you do not know it, type your website/blog domain name in your blog's URL and Android app maker will try to locate it.
Android apps

4. After that click on Next button and a new screen like this will appear:
Android apps

5. Fill the details of your website/blog like Blog Category, Name of Android App(which you are making), description about app within 100 characters, your email address and other details as shown in below image.
Android apps5

6. Now choose an icon for your Android app and background colour.
Android apps3

Android apps4

7. After that click on accept terms and conditions and press Finish button.
Android apps making process_6

8. Now you can download your android app in your phone or PC.

Android apps making process_7

Android apps making process_8

9. You can also share the download link for your android app in facebook, twitter and at other places.
Android apps making process_9

10. Now you are done and the Android app for your blog is created within minutes. When you open it for the first time, it will look like this:
Android apps making process_10

Congratulations, you have made an Android app within few minutes without any programming knowledge.

Don't forget to download the Android app of Techulator, if you have an Android phone. Just click here to download Android app directly into your phone or PC.


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