Are you Ready to feel Zurks and have fun with Zurker, the new social network?

Have you ever dreamed to become a co-owner of any Social Media network? We are exploring a new Social Media site called "Zurker" which offers its members shares of Profit which makes it a very unique and attractive from other social networking websites.

Zurker is a very new and unique concept in the field of Social Networking offering you shares.It is different from various other social networking websites like Facebook,Google+, Twitter, Orkut and many others due to the reason that it is the only social networking website which owned by its members. Yes, you heard right, in Zurker members only hold the shares of Profit and Loss unlike of other social networking Websites in which only a handful of people gets the whole profit.

What are Zurks?

Zurks are similar to "like" or "share" on Facebook. Zurk can also be connected to the word "Jerk" whose meaning is movement as pronunciation of both the words is nearly same. According to, To Zurk means to support the intent behind the act of sharing, and it can mean to like, to love, to commiserate, to respect, to admire- as appropriate for the occasion. Members can Zurk your posts,pics,comments and just everything.Your Zurk count is shown on your profile.

Should We move now from Facebook, twitter and other social media to Zurker

I see it as a right decision to move from other social networking websites to Zurker, as I think most of you people are using social networking websites from many years and you have wasted many hours or days on it. You have wasted your precious time there on just chatting and making new friends online, but in return I don't think anybody has got a penny or reward for giving so much of time over these websites. I see with great regards due to its share offering policy to its members.

Why Zurker is better than other Social Networks

At Zurker, you don't just own your data, but you also own the network. Every Zurker user can easily become a co-owner (share holder) of At Zurker you are a member, co-owner and an investor. In Zurker, when you invite your friends to join the network, then you get two vshares (virtual shares are stakes of ownership) for each friend you invite. The only investment needed here is the Time. You might have wasted a lot of time on Facebook, Twitter or other social media sites to make its owner rich and richer day by day, but now the opportunity is in your hands to shape your future. This is the only reason which makes Zurker better than other social networking websites.
People Behind this unique Project
Have you ever thought the minds, who are responsible for creating such a awesome community.. Zurker is founded by Cineman and Berzurker (their Zurker profile names), you can easily connect and contact with both of them on Zurker, once you join Zurker. You can also ask for any queries and details about their project by commenting on their walls.

Some of Testimonials Taken from

"Never in a million years have I thought that I would have the opportunity to take ownership in a social network on its way to becoming #1. If you had the opportunity to take ownership in FB or Twitter, would you have jumped on it? Well, here is your opportunity! Don't miss out!" "I love the concept Transparency, wonderful idea to have the opportunity to take ownership in a social network where you can establish a fantastic group of friends, who has his own story.A lot of talented, experienced and smart people here in Zurker! Zurker -very unique! It worth the look!!!" "Zurker has a more mature feel to it than other social networks and is less cluttered." "I really love the NO AD format, the idea of a social network platform that isn't inundating me with pictures and words that are designed to make me consume for them...:-)"

How to Join Zurker

At the moment, Zurker is in beta mode of its testing and you can join it by invitation only. If you wish to give Zurker a try, here's your invite:
Click Here To Sign Up at Zurker

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