How to play Facebook Buggle game review and tips & tricks

Read about the Facebook game Buggle and know the pros and cons of the game. Know what Buggle game is all about and read the review of the game to know how interesting we found the game. Read about the strategies to use in Buggle game and a lot more..

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Pros and cons of Buggle game
Pros:Addictive bubble exploding game concept, game play variations offers a relaxation to the fast paced game
Cons: Variations do not allow you to make a rhythm or get a hang of the game leading to increase of losses, high losses make you lose lives quickly leaving no option other than to think of spending cash to buy lives, the concept is addictive but Buggle game isn't

Developers: Cookapps
Type: Arcade, Facebook

Facebook game- Buggle review and tips and tricks

You can be trite and call it as sweet indulgence, which becomes bitter after a passage of time. Buggle game is right blend of fun and entertainment. It casts player in form of hungry bears who want to filch honey from a colony of bees that live in a tree. Our friend has an armor called "cannon" that fires colored bubbles, which are available in a limited quantity.

Buggle game video review

What are the best features of Buggle game on Facebook?

In the first stages of game, you focus on the virtues and may not even notice the negatives. You can go ahead at your own pace without any internal or external pressures. On the other hand, the ploy is not useful because you are issued randomly colored bubbles, so algorithms and patterns won't work. With the creeping gossamer of probability and uncertainty, you can keep the affair going on.
Buggle start screen

Strategies that you can apply in Buggle game

If you really want to play your cards well, you can adopt following strategies
  • You need only one red bubble to complete the stage, but there is another leg to the stool what good does any of it do if last few bubbles are of green, yellow or blue color. In this way the fun converts itself into stress.

  • You can get a bird's eye view on what your next bubble can be, and accordingly you can toggle with the bubble that's loaded with the canon.
    The major USP of Buggle game is neither there is any time limit nor does the screen crush downwards. With that said and done, you have very little amount of bubbles in your pocket. If you are unable to manage those bubbles, the game gets over in a fraction of second.

One major disadvantage is, if you try to connect three or more bubbles at a time, they pop up and disappear. The same can work in your favor too supposedly, if other bubbles also get disconnected, then there will be a snow ball effect i.e. bubbles will start falling to the bottom of the screen. These cascading bubbles will gather into numerous honey pots, each of which will provide you additional points. Moreover, if the player shoots three or more bubble in one shot, it will create a combo effect.

What advantage you will have of that combo effect in Buggle game

Many of you may be wondering which benefit you get from this combo effect; it will temporarily close down lids of lower scoring honey pots. So, here comes one more strategy in your bucket.

Just like any other social media game, Buggle comes with clear and simple menu control. It puts children and adults into an immersive experience. The game can be irritating and unfair, yet when we try to play out as per our beliefs and strategies, the game turns out well.

What's required to play Buggle game?

The instinct to fight back and indomitable spirit to win is only required. In the melee of a competitive world where we don't have time to deal with life, the bubble popping game proves to be strangely satisfying.

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Guest Author: Player05 Aug 2012

I have just finished level 40 and the game stopped. How do you get to level 41?

Author: Ankit11 Aug 2012 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 0

Hi Player,
I was already on level 60 in the game and the game continued.. not sure why your game stopped

Guest Author: Nancy Strickland15 Aug 2012

Is there anyway to get passed level 26 without sending 50 invites or making a purchase? Any tips to go beyond level 26 will be appreciated.

Guest Author: deborah martin07 Sep 2012

I was level 48. It will not let me play any more. Can you suggest me how to go further up?

Guest Author: Tina13 Sep 2012

Hi there,

I am struggling with level 77. I try not to burst the special bubbles, but I can just nog get enough points to get even one star and I find the buying of various help methods are expensive.

Guest Author: vjb0021 Sep 2012

hi guys
i'm stuck on level 25, how do i get passed the clouds???

Guest Author: renee14 Nov 2012

I have been stuck on 25 for along time and i tried to get a key when i do it does not work you accept and send it does not help to unlock clound when you finish level successfully , so i dont get it .. how does it work?

Guest Author: ceejay10 Feb 2013

How do I get past the clouds after level 2? I keep sending requests for keys and when I get one sent by a friend, it just disappears. I have been stuck on this level for days now, and I am about to delete the game if I cant get any answers..So, help please!!

Guest Author: haley byrd17 Mar 2013

How do I clear the levels that I already played and go back to the beginning of the honey tree?

Guest Author: umababu05 Apr 2013

I am stuck in level 25 from a month everytime it says you have crossed the level, but again I am in level 25. How to come out of it?

Guest Author: lisa scott14 May 2013

I had to finally use my own money and buy the keys to open locks. sending friend request does nothing to open the locks. I had to pay cash online to unlock the clouds. I refuse to play it anymore until someone luxs at it.

Guest Author: haleybyrd17 Aug 2013

I want to start from the beginning of Buggle game. How do I erase the levels I already done?

Guest Author: monica cooper20 Oct 2013

i have completed level 295 and cant get to next level. whats the problem please

Guest Author: Neena05 Nov 2013

i am stuck in 26th level, how to win this level any tips for mee

Guest Author: N vasanth Kumar02 Dec 2013

you say it is free game but why do you ask for for payment for clearing clouds at level 26

Guest Author: Lil05 Mar 2014

I am at level 65 and can't get through the clouds to get to level 66. What to do ? Been here for days.

Guest Author: Karen15 Oct 2014

There is no place that tells you what the bonus that you pay for with your coins do! I have searched a lot.

Guest Author: jaideep05 Sep 2015

I am stuck at level 300!

Guest Author: Kathy06 Jan 2018

I am having problems with Pop up too small to display the page. It's always been okay before. What's up with this?

Guest Author: Peggy Ledlow02 Mar 2018

Why will it not let me go past stage 32

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