10 Free And Secure Applications To Remember Your Passwords

How often do you forget your passwords? Quite often? It’s a challenge to remember all the various passwords we’re required to use to secure our data and access. How about using a free yet very secure application to remember your passwords so you don’t have to write them down and risk security lapses?

How often do you forget your passwords? Quite often? It's a challenge to remember all the various passwords we're required to use to secure our data and access. How about using a free yet very secure application to remember your passwords so you don't have to write them down and risk security lapses?

1. KeePass

KeePass is free, open source and totally secure. You can store multiple passwords in a single database and lock the database with your master key. All you need to remember is your master key to unlock the database. KeePass databases are encrypted using the most secure encryption algorithms in the market. If you forget your master password, even the KeePass engineers cannot open your database for you!

2. LastPass

With LastPass, you can finally stop typing in passwords. A single click of your mouse will log you into any website or application. Your data is encrypted and can be unlocked only via your LastPass password. If you are using multiple browsers or computers, LastPass ensures that your data is synchronized securely across multiple devices.

3. PasswordSafe

PasswordSafe is a free open source software that allows you to create a user name and password list that is secure and encrypted. You only have to remember your master password to unlock the entire list. No more writing down passwords on pieces of paper.

4. Clipperz

Clipperz provides a single login access to all your accounts. That apart, you can store anything in Clipperz, from your confidential notes to burglar alarm codes. Even if Clipperz is down, the offline version will protect your confidential data securely.

5. KeyWallet

This desktop utility ensures that you don't have to manually bother to fill in your forms and provide passwords to log in. KeyWallet stores your data in "keys"; all you do is drag and drop the key to access an account. A key has multiple fields and can hold your log in information, passwords, addresses and names. You can add a website address to a key along with log in credentials – just click the key to open the site and log in all at once!

6. Mitto

Use Mitto to save all the passwords you use and then just click a button to log in to various websites and applications automatically. What's more, you can tag and organize your passwords the way you want for easy dissembling. You can access your passwords from any computer via a browser. Mitto further provides password protection against phishing and other Internet scams. It gets better – Mitto is absolutely free to use. No using a trial version and then paying for the real deal.

7. iPassman

iPassman collects and securely organizes your usernames, passwords, and Web sites into a user-friendly filing system. All you do is access your iPassman file using a master password and then scroll through your entries, click on the website URL you want from your list, and automatically log in using your saved credentials. This saves you time and many keystrokes. This useful tool is free to use, which is a huge plus.

8. MyPadLock Password Manager

You can keep all your passwords under lock and key on your computer and access them using a master password. Your passwords are encrypted using a 128-bit encryption from the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) coded by Microsoft. Once you have accessed your passwords, MyPadlock will log you off so that your passwords are not misused. There's no installation or transfer of information over the internet, so your passwords are absolutely safe.

9. Efficient Password Manager

With this one tool, you can keep track of your website login passwords, e-mail account passwords, software registration codes, FTP account passwords and so on. The tool also has a random password generator so that creating a new password becomes easy and the passwords generated are a lot safer than regular ones. Your passwords are encrypted using the SHA algorithm which is non-reversible. Your password-related information is further encrypted using 256-bit AES algorithm, the highest encryption in the world. You can organize and manage your passwords easily using this tool.

10. MobileWitch Pass Safe

You can use MobileWitch Pass Safe to store passwords for the websites and apps you access via your computer, and also for your mobile sites and apps. All your passwords are stored in a single database, which you access using a master key. The entire database is further encrypted via the most secure encryption algorithms. Both the desktop and mobile versions of this tool have similar key features. The application's interface is intuitive and you can easily set up your password database in a short while. To use a password, double click it to copy and paste it into the site or application you want to access.

This article is written by Dean from http://www.invesp.com, a conversion funnel optimization company.

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