DMCA notice format: Download sample DMCA complaint letter

Did someone steal your content and you are looking for the format of DMCA notice to send to the owner of the other website? I have provided few simple DMCA notice formats in this article.

If your content is reproduced by others, the best way to get it removed from their website is by filing a DMCA complaint. Most websites get majority of their traffic from Google search results. So, you can send a DMCA notice to Google asking Google to remove the infringing content from Google search results. In addition, you could ask the infringing website owner to remove the content from their website. If you following the guidelines, most webmasters would respond to properly communicated DMCA notices.

See some sample DMCA complaint letter formats below:

DMCA Complaint letter format

I usually send DMCA complaints in 2 formats:

1. Informal email to webmaster/site owner
2. A formal DMCA letter

DMCA letter by informal email to webmaster/site owner

The informal letter is easy to send and works with most mid sized websites and blogs. I will send a plain email DMCA letter in the following format:

Dear webmaster,

I found our copy righted content appearing in your website. It may have happened without your knowledge or may be posted by your members.

The entire article in the following URL is our copyrighted content. Kindly remove the content in the below web page from your website:

URL: [Provide the URL of the page were the copy righted content appears]

Here is the original source of the copy righted content:
URL: [Provide the URL of your webpage were the original article is published]

Kindly consider this letter as the DMCA notice according to Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

If you have any questions, please let me know.
[Your Name]
[Your Title]

The above email format is a typical example of DMCA letters I usually send to fellow webmasters. This is one of the least offensive methods and usually other webmasters and bloggers would take it as a friendly, yet serious letter.

If they do not respond, you can take other steps like formal DMCA complaint to them, send a DMCA notice to Google and other webmasters etc. You can even file a case against the infringing website but it may not be worth your time and money unless the infringement causes huge loss to you.

Formal DMCA complaint format

Here is a more formal DMCA complaint format. Such formal complaints will work with big websites who always require formal mode of communication for all complaints. For example, consider your copy righted article is published by someone in a Microsoft Forum website in the form of a user generated article. If you send an informal letter asking them to remove the content, they may not even bother to respond. In such cases, you will need to send a very formal DMCA complaint. I have attached a sample DMCA letter.

Also, the formal DMCA complaints may be helpful in case of very small and new blogs. Such webmasters/bloggers may not be aware of all copy right laws and by sending a formal legal letter, you can actually scare them and make them remove the content quickly!

The formal DMCA letter can be send by email as an MS Word or PDF attachment. What you need to do is, prepare a formal DMCA complaint letter in MS Word or in PDF format and send as email attachment. Remember to use proper subject and covering letter in your email.

You may use the subject "DMCA Takedown Notice" when you send a DMCA notice by email.

Sample DMCA complaint letter:

You may download this sample DMCA complaint letter and make appropriate changes like adding your URLs, name etc.

Download DMCA complaint format - sample DMCA letter

When you send the formal DMCA complaint as an attachment in the email, you may use the following text in the email:


Please find the attached DMCA notice regarding copyright violations found on your website [URL]. We will appreciate if you could take-down this material quickly from your website.

We would appreciate if you could inform me when action has been taken.

Thank you in advance,
[Your name]
[Your designation]
[Your company]

Be aware the DMCA is an American Law and websites running from other countries have no obligation to respect that. However, since most websites depend on traffic from Google and other international sources, they would respond to DMCA notices.

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    Guest Author: Carl Strohmeyer07 May 2012

    Unfortunately, Google is no longer responding to DMCA complaints. This all the while my copyrighted content is constantly being plagiarized for financial gain through Google Adsense by many bloggers. In calling an offending website, I was called nuts while they laughed their heads off.

    Author: Tony John20 Oct 2013 Member Level: Gold   Points : 3

    Carl Strohmeyer,

    Thanks for your comments. However, I disagree with your points. I never had any issues with DMCA complaints. They promptly (within 2-5 days) responded to all my DMCA complaints and either removed the offending content from their index or asked me for further clarification.

    Did you try to use the DMCA complaint format I mentioned and contact the webmaster directly?

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