How to keep your Google AdSense Account in good standing

This article gives important guidelines of Google AdSense account. Google strictly monitors the Google AdSense account to check whether user follows the policies and rules or not. This article gives most common violated policies of Google AdSense in simple language to help those who got their Google AdSense approved recently.

Nowadays, a lot of people are making money online in various ways and one of them is by blogging. It is always the best choice to choose Google AdSense to make money online via its advertising program. Publishers can be anyone, you, me or any other person. One needs to work hard to get approval from Google to have Google AdSense Account. There are many rules, regulations and policies that must be followed by every publisher to keep his Google AdSense account safe and have it in an approved state as long as they want it. The moment publisher starts violating rules or policies of Google AdSense, Google takes serious actions against that publisher. Sometimes, the publisher may have to lose his Google AdSense Account as Google may disable the account.

Google AdSense: Common Policies and Guidelines

Followings are common and important Guidelines and Policies of Google AdSense which are commonly violated by new users/publishers of Google AdSense. So, it is advisable to stick with these rules and regulations and keep your Google AdSense safe and remain in an approved state. The moment you find anything wrong, you should contact Google to be on the safer side and you can save your Google AdSense account. So, follow the below-mentioned policies/rules and guidelines to have long-lasting approval of Google AdSense account.
  • Never click on your Google AdSense ads. Otherwise, monitoring systems by Google AdSense will track your activities and put you in trouble. Sometimes, you may be interested in seeing what is being displayed on your website as Google AdSense ads, but you are not supposed to click on it to see what page it links to. This is a crime in the eyes of Google. If you still want to see the content linked to that ad, you can type that URL into a new address bar and you will be on the safer side. This is the safest way to know what is there in your Google AdSense ads.
  • Do not invite or force anybody to click on your ads being displayed on blogs or website you own which will lead to Click Bombing. Google AdSense Monitoring System is smarter than you. Once it identifies a pattern of Click Bombing, it will start very careful observation of your account and in case of violation of policies of Google AdSense, you will be given disapproval from Google AdSense and your AdSense account may be disabled. Do not ever try to click from other IP address PCs and other networks, and also instruct your family members not to do click bombing on your ads. Once you have got your account disabled from Google, it is quite impossible for you to get it back enabled.
  • Choose the location of ads in your website aptly to avoid accidental clicks by visitor. You are not required to force them to see what is in ads by making them click on it. Rather, you should place ads in a location which is remote from page controls and some of the confusing figures. If you have written an article about T-shirts making process, you will be given image ads of T-shirts by Google AdSense. Normally visitors may be confused by the placement of ads near images of your article. So, do not try to confuse Google AdSense as well as visitors. Instead, try to place ads in proper places.
  • Do not use prohibited content in your article or website. Google policies are very strict in this area. Do not put content related to porn matter, copyrighted matter, violent or gambling content. If prohibited content is found on the website, Google AdSense will immediately take action against that Google AdSense account and it will disable it.
  • Always use content which is relevant and genuine. Copy-Paste activity from any other website is not allowed by Google AdSense. It is better to use genuine content to increase organic traffic to your website or blog. This will help you to build a reputation of your website or blog.

  • Do not try to alter ad code generated by Google AdSense. This is strictly prohibited by Google AdSense and do not try to change the layout, targeting ads and the behaviour of ads. You need to only put the ads code but should not alter the code of Google AdSense.
  • Reply Google AdSense genuinely when you are given notice from Google AdSense for violation of Google AdSense policies. Try to correct the mistake and assure Google AdSense that the mistake will not be repeated in future. Google AdSense will keep a record of your violations of Google AdSense policies.
  • Traffic sources Google does not encourage the display of ads on pages which are based on paid to click system.
  • Gambling Content Google restrict Google ads to gambling website/blog or content related to Gambling
  • Report strange activities immediately. If you find any strange activity or changes in your Google AdSense account, immediately contact Google AdSense about it, otherwise, action will be taken against you. So, it is better, to tell the truth behind strange activities.
  • Do not try to use Google Trademarks. Do not copy and use it on your website without prior permission from Google.

  • Never use pop-up prompts or any software to increase Google AdSense revenue by cheating the Google AdSense and visitors.
Follow the above rules/policies/guidelines and keep your Google AdSense account safe and approved for a long time till you want.

If you suspect click bombing or invalid activity, take steps to protect your AdSense account from invalid activity.

If Google AdSense has disabled your account, you can look for alternatives such as InfoLinks, Yahoo Bing Networks, Kontera.

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Great article. Yes, Google is indeed very strict in its policies and rules. These tips can definitely help one to protect his Google Adsense account.

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Thanks for giving nice information about how to keep save Adsesne account.

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My adsense account banned recently stating that invalid click activity,I contacted with google but nothing happened what to do next,can I Open another adsense account for the same website

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How to create Google Ads which will expand when people hover over the ads? Please help me create such ad units to place in my blogs.

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Thanks for these guidelines.

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