How does mobile communication work?

This article deals with an introduction to mobile communication or it answers the question 'How does mobile communication work'. Mobile communication involves the conversion of voice to analog-digital-microwave transmission to nearest base station-digital form-microwave transmission to the nearest base station of receiver-digital form-analog and at last back to voice. This process involves so many conversion of voice forms and gives insight to its technology.

Mobile communication technology and its effects

In this modern era, almost everyone has own mobile and they are using a mobile phone to talk with relatives and so on. But few of them know how this mobile transmission technology works. The amazing mobile transmission technology has made the world very small to live in terms of communication. Today nobody in this world is unreachable. Everything can be retried. Let us know how this mobile communication technology works and try to know what happens when you call anybody in terms of simple technical words.

How does mobile communication work?

How does mobile communication technology work?

Before knowing how our mobile communication technology and its system works, let us know what are the technical stuff necessary which makes your calling and phoning task easy.

Introduction to wireless mobile communication technology

The area you live in is divided into 'cells' of prescribed size and each cell is having one mobile base station which we call a mobile tower. This is the tower whose signal data phone shows on screen.
When any phone is in switch on mode, it keeps on sending signals to the nearest mobile base station via microwave transmission. The mobile base station keeps records of that SIM and related data into a network computer. This is true for every mobile in coverage of that network tower.

When anyone(caller-e.g. you) tries to call anybody (e.g.your friend or receiver)in another area which is also covered by another cell of the network by typing/dialing the mobile number of that person, mobile number data is then constantly transmitted to network computer of the nearest mobile base station of the caller. Immediately after verification of the number, the network computer tries to locate the person/your friend to whom you are calling via the nearest cell and base station. When your friend is traced by the nearest base station of your friend and When you dial that number and the corresponding ring is rung on receiver/your friend's phone.

Mobile phone conversation and its transmission process

When the receiver/friend picks up the call, a base station of the receiver and transmitter creates a unique channel between them. When the caller/you speak, your/caller's voice is converted to analog form by a microphone of the mobile. This analog signal is then converted to digital form and is being sent to the nearest mobile base station through microwave signals. When the nearest mobile base station of the caller receives microwave signals, it converts it immediately to digital electrical form and it sends it to the receiver's nearest mobile phone base station via a unique channel that was created before.

Mobile conversation technology

Now receiver's nearest mobile base station transmits the calling data by microwave signals and these signals are received by phone receiver of a person/your friend to whom you are calling.
The receiver of your friend's mobile phone then immediately converts that microwave signals to digital form and then to analog form and so in amplified voice form. And the speaker of that phone speaks that voice of the caller.
When receiver/friend answer or replies to you, it then again happens in reverse and your conversation goes on continue.

This is how mobile communication technology work.

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