How to troubleshoot mechanical issues in a Printer?

In this article, I have discussed about various mechanical problems we face while we use Printers along with our Computer / Laptop. Few solutions have also been suggested in this resource. Please read ahead.

Types of mechanical issues while using a Printer:

Printing is an important and integral part while we work with our Computer / Laptop. Printing is done using output device known as Printer. Like any other electronic device which have mechanical actions to perform their job, Printers do have their own mechanical issues while performing their job viz., Printing.

We always consider and have considered the job of Printers as an easy one. However, when we are in a hurry to perform some printing jobs, our Printers may pose some issues like paper jam or error message or even some times mechanical issues without posing any such error messages. These issues may range from Toner leakage, printing half fonts etc. For most of the mechanical issues human error combined with negligence can be the main reason.

Paper jam:

This is perhaps not so sweet jam and mostly a hated one. When the paper is fed in to the Printer for printing, it should come out printed. If this action does not happen and the paper gets jammed inside the printer with / without printing and halts Printer without further printing, it is known as Paper jam. The types of Paper jam are:
  • Printed paper without dried ink / toner jams inside the Printer;

  • Paper which is half printed jams in and outside the Printer; and

  • Entire paper jams inside the Printer.

  • Stop the Printer: First you have to disconnect your Printer from the main power supply / connection. This step will enable / protect you from getting electrocuted or electrical shock or injured by the heated parts of the Printer, since you may have to remove the jammed paper from inside the Printer. If you are using a Laser Printer, then please be more patient for a while for the Printer to get little bit cooler.

    Open the doors of the Printer: You should then open the doors of the Printer in the paper feeding path and printed paper out coming path. If you are not sure about how to do this step then just start from the paper feeding path which is visible for every one or you may follow the on screen instructions that may flash in the event of a printing failure. In most of the Printers, the doors are just fitted panels and therefore you can open / remove them easily.

    Remove jammed paper / perforated paper dots carefully: After opening the panel doors, you may in all likelihood will see the jammed paper or torn out paper or the paper perforated dots causing disturbance / stoppage in the printing path. Then slowly try to pull out the damaged sheet of paper. In most of the cases, the damaged torn paper comes out easily. In case, if it is not, then try to slowly move the cylinders that are holding the paper inside the Printer, with your fingers. In the event of perforated paper dots obstructing the path of printed-paper being out, you can take the help of a small brush and without damaging any of the components inside the Printer, try to remove those paper dots. Just using papers of uniform size can easily overcome this problem. If you happen to use various sizes of papers and your Printer is really not ready for such usages, then you may likely to end up with this paper jam problem often. Always try to arrange the paper in uniform size in the paper feeder tray and before putting the paper in the tray, try to shuffle with the paper so that air gap is formed between each single sheet of paper.

    Obstruction in the Print queue:

    Even if you have the latest technologically advanced Printer for your use, it can perform only a single Print task at a given point of time. Therefore, if you send more than one Print job to your Printer, all the Print jobs will be queued up as pending tasks for your Printer. Suppose if a problem occurs while carrying out a given Print job, then the rest of the Print jobs in the queue will be affected. In such case, you have to look for the Print queue in your computer application and locate the troublesome printing task and then remove it by yourself. In this method, you can remove a particular Printing task and then carry out all other pending Print tasks in queue.

    Toner leakage or Ink leakage:

    Sometimes it happens that the Toner or Ink in your Printer depending upon the make and model may have seeped in your Printer due to leakage. Mostly such leakage of Toner or Ink happens on the paper sent or meant for printing task. To remove the leakage of Toner or Ink, we have to little bit cautious and careful. You should never use lukewarm water or cold water to remove the leaked Toner or Ink. Also you should not allow the leaked Toner or Ink to dry out in the Printer itself. You can use some special solutions meant for removing such leakages of Toner or Ink or in some cases you can use the common nail polish remover for this purpose. In any case, the Printer should have been disconnected from power supply before you do cleaning. You should never use a Vacuum cleaner for these purposes as the air pressure from the Vacuum cleaner shall dry out further the Toner or Ink. Never try to smell the leaked Toner or Ink as it may likely to cause respiration hazards to your health. If you happen to contact the Toner or Ink in your hands or fingers, use a germ kill soap or liquid soap to wash thoroughly and disinfect your body parts. If you use genuine Toner or genuine Ink as sold by the various computer manufacturers, you can fully avoid such leakage of Toner or Ink problems in your Printer. Do not use a refilled Toner, as it may look cheaper than a genuine original Toner. After the installation of genuine Toner cartridges or Ink cartridges, use a test page for printing to see whether the setup is done in order and then try for other regular printing tasks.

    What to do when Power interruptions happen while printing?

    In extreme circumstances, it happens that when the Printer is functioning well, power interruptions happen owing to many reasons. If such power interruptions or power fluctuations happen while printing, the paper may likely to stay in the path of printing. You can remove the paper just by slowly pulling it out from the Printer. If it is not happening, then wait for the power interruptions to over and then just start your Printer afresh, the jammed paper will come out as smoothly as the paper fed for printing task.

    I have tried to explain in detail and in a lucid manner about various mechanical issues that may likely to occur while operating a Printer. Hope this is helpful to you.

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    Author: Peter Groft04 Nov 2022 Member Level: Bronze   Points : 6

    Turn your printer off completely and unplug it from your power source.
    Be sure to save the document you are planning on printing, in the form you want it printed. When you clear your queue, all print jobs that haven't saved will be erased—it will disappear as well.
    Open Windows Services by searching “Services" in your search toolbar or clicking the Window button on your keyboard.
    Halfway down your list of Services, you'll see one called the “Print Spooler." Right click on the Print Spooler option and look at your options. “STOP" will halt any stuck print you have bogging down your queue.
    Once you've halted all print jobs using the spooler, use the Windows Explorer browser to search: C:\Windows\System32\Spool\PRINTERS
    Delete all existing files in your queue and shut down your computer unit from Windows.
    Turn on your printer using the power button, then turn on your computer again.
    Restart the print spooler service.
    Print your document. If it works, you're done!


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