ePad Android Tablet PC specifications and review

Have you always been counting on to have a Tablet PC but would back out by looking at the price? Then here is the ePad which is regarded as the cheapest Tablet PC available in USA. If you have seen another post of mine about Zeepad then you will notice the price difference between these two Tablet PCs is just $2.60 on the Amazon. Working out with its features the ePad has he features that is needed for the advanced Tablet PC users.

On describing about the ePad it is not merely much different from the Zeepad. However let's have a look at the features making it one among the cheapest Tablet PCs available in the whole USA.

The key features of the ePad that gives justice to the price you pay:

Display of the ePad:

The Resistive touch screen owned by the ePad gives the super sensitive LCD display touch screen. The Screen size is 7 inches which needs a stylus to make a touch option. This is because the resistive touch screen always makes point sensing unlike the capacitive touch screen which can withstand larger area touch sensitivity. The screen resolution comes up to about 800x480 pixels which are same as that of the Zeepad. It also possesses a 4 dimensional G sensor which is a gravimetric type of accelerometer that simply enhances the touch sensing capacity of the display.

Processor and speed of ePad:

The Central Processing Unit in the new ePad is of the type 8650 by VIA brand. This processor works with 800 MHz central or the main frequency and a Digital Signal Processing (DSP) unit of 300 MHz which is indigenously required for enhancing the Operating System speed and frequency. This enables the high performance ability of the Epad. It comes with memory storage of 2GB supporting a Trans flash memory up to 32 GB storage capacity. The device has a ram of 256MB giving a good performance speed.


The new ePad contains an in built camera having a resolution of 1.3 Mega Pixel which is the defining feature of the Zeepad too. It supports all the basic photo file formats like the JPG, JPEG, PNG and BMP. The camera though looks like a bit unlikely feature in the ePad but it's worth the amount you pay.

Network and internet:

The ePad wires over the network with Wi-Fi of IEEE802.11b/g/n specification which is commonly available in most of the Tablet PCs. The ePad also has a desirable 3G support and also an external 3G support enabling you to get the best out of the network. For those who like to wire up their network connection, the ePad wires over the RJ45 internet cable that is 10/100M adaptive type. The Tablet PC as such does well with the network.

Operating System in ePad:

The ePad has the powerful Android OS of version 2.2 that is fit for all the activities of your Tablet PC with a higher performance status. The version of OS also supports a flash player of version 10.1 that is quite enough for the graphical stability of the device.

Audio and video specifications:

On looking at the audio and video capability of the ePad it seems to be quite acceptable. It has an audio jack of 3.5mm size and allows a headphone attachment for sole enjoyment of the songs you will listen. It also incorporates a high quality stereo enabled loud speaker for group enjoyment of the media. The device also contains a built in microphone for the happy video calling over the network. Seemingly good video playing quality is observed that is with the 720p video playing ability of the ePad. The Audio file formats supported by the ePad Tablet PC includes MP2, MP3, WAV, AAC, WMA and for the video playing the formats supported include MPEG1/2/4; MJPG; H263; H264 which are the essential formats in every Tablet PC.

ePad reviews:

If you wish to buy the ePad, it is available at Amazon for just $58.40 after a discount offer of a great 71%. There are also additional ports like the TF (Trans flash) card reader and the ePad is marketed in 2 classic colors: black and silver. The weight of ePad is just affordable with 1.5 pounds. However a person who has bought it over Amazon has reviewed it with negative points for the touch screen, camera and some other features. Well the ePad is designated to be the most versatile and cheapest of the Tablet PCs available in USA. So folks it's worth a try!

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