Is AdSense allowed in sites with the word Hacking in domain name and content

A lot of people like to write about hacking and want to share information on ethical hacking. However, many are concerned if that would violate any AdSense policies since Google AdSense program policies does not allow using AdSense Ads on pages related to hacking. Learn more about the AdSense rules on hacking related content and find if it is safe to use a hacking related domain name.

There are lot of ethical hackers out there who work on computer and network security. Governments and many big organizations encourage ethical hackers to check the security loop holes in their network.

Many ethical hackers and security experts love to share their knowledge with the world through their blogs and websites. Many use Google AdSense program on their websites to monetize the content.

Here is a big confusion: Does Google AdSense program policies allow AdSense in hacking related content?

AdSense on hacking related content

Google has made its policies very clear on hacking related content in its program policies. Here is a line from the Google AdSense Program Policies:

Sites with Google ads may not include or link to::

Hacking/cracking content

Also, Google has a separate section on "Prohibited Content":

Placement of Google ads is not permitted on websites that promote any form of hacking or cracking. Hacking and cracking content is content that provides users with instructions or equipment that tampers with or provides illegal access to software, servers, or websites.

The above rules are applicable for content that encourage and help hacking and cracking. It is also applicable for sharing license keys, helping to get access to licensed systems, sharing protected material etc.

If you are writing about ethical hacking or sharing knowledge on hacking, depending on what you write, it may not be a violation of AdSense policies. For example, if you are writing articles on how to protect your computer from hacking, how to secure your network hackers etc, there is nothing wrong in it and AdSense policies will not be violated (in my opinion).

Is it allowed to use the word HACKING in domain names?

Here is what I learnt from my last 12 years experience in running websites. Having the keyword "hacking" or similar terms may not violate AdSense policies. However, it will definitely trigger an alert by their automated systems and you site could go in to manual review for content. Through the manual review, Google could find some other violations which can put you in to trouble.

If you use the keyword "hacking" in the domain name, make sure your site is 100% complaint with all AdSense program policies. You may not get nay relaxation for other rules when you already have a risky domain name!

If you allow user generated content or have discussion forums, it is easy for someone to post some hacking related content which violates AdSense policies and by having a domain name that support "hacking" you are inviting an audit or "good by" letter from AdSense.

Here is another important point to consider. In many of the articles I wrote about Hacking incidents, hacking news etc, Google decided not to show AdSense Ads but did not notify me about it. (This was probably because I have been using AdSense from the time Google launched it and they did not want to kick me out but chose not to show Ads in those pages.). What this would mean to you is, you may not have any Ads shown in many of your pages!

The scenario would change if your website is an authority website and people refer to your site for solution to hacking problems! Are you there yet?

The short answer at the end is, don't choose a domain name with the word "hacking" in it unless you have some strong reasons to go for it.

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