Tracking software and services for lost or theft expensive devices

Theft or lose of expensive gadget is really a painful issue for everyone. Now you can detect your theft or lost gadget yourself, with the help of some emerging software and web services. Here I am going to explain such Gadgets tracking software and services that are really helpful to track and recover your expensive gadgets like Laptop, tablet, iPhone, iPod touch, iPad or MAC, smartphones etc.

Tracking software and services for lost or theft expensive devices

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After purchasing an expensive gadget like laptop, tablet etc., everyone take necessary measures to protect it from physical damage, virus and hackers. But we usually forget a very important and most common issue while handling such gadgets i.e., possibility of theft/lose of a device. Since most of us have very least knowledge about tracking and recovery options of stolen devices, consequently, after such mishaps, the loser just lodges an FIR and lefts the rest to his luck. But in this situation, a question that definitely strikes one's mind is - How to detect your stolen gadgets?

Fortunately, there are many Gadgets tracking software and services available for recovering our expensive gadgets. Though some of them are chargeable for such services but the small price we pay is well worth the added benefit. Here, I am going to explore some of them before you:

Laptop Tracking and Recovery

LocatemyLaptop software:

LocatemyLaptop software is most suitable for your Lost laptop's tracking and recovery. This software is available for Windows 2000 and newer operating systems only. You just need to download and install this small software on your system and register it at from any computer and sign in to your account. Also note that you never see this installed software so, called installed in stealth mode.

And its most significant part is that LocateMyLaptop is free to install and registration. A free account lets you to locate your single laptop on Google Maps services. But you will be charged for recovery of your gadget after you lose it and need your remotely shred/wipe data, or get assistance for this service from them. This will be the one time charge i.e. US$ 3 per month that you have to bear for recovery of your gadget.

Platinum plan: The platinum plan is also available for the customers, who want to get connect and track more than one computers from a single account.

iPhone, iPod touch, iPad or MAC Tracking and Recovery

Find My iPhone and Find My Mac services:

iCloud stores your music, documents, photos, applications etc. remotely and pushes it back wirelessly to all your devices. Not only this, but you can also use iCloud service for tracking and recovery of Gadgets for finding your lost/theft gadgets.

The Find My iPhone is formally a part of MobileMe that allows you to track exact location of your iOS devices like - iPhone, iPod touch, iPad or MAC etc.

Likewise, Find My Mac service is Apple's OS X Lion-specific service that also uses iCloud. You can get option to enable the Find my Mac service by setting up iCloud on your Mac. Besides this, you have to enable Location services in order to track accurate location of the computer.

In case of theft or lose of gadget, visit and login with your Apple ID and you will be able to watch your computer's location on map. With selecting it, you get the option to send a notification message, play a sound, wipe data from the disk or remotely lock your gadget. But please keep in mind that after remotely wiping the system, your data is not recoverable and the computer cannot be located using iCloud again.

Phones and Tablets Tracking and Recovery

There are also a number solutions and services available for the lost/ Stolen Phone and Tablet's Tracking and Recovery.

Avast Mobile Secuity software (for Android phones):

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For Android devices, Avast offers a completely free all-in one security solution including an antivirus scanner with following features:
  • Scans your local files for warning the malicious URLs.

  • A built in app advisory for scanning the apps with malicious intent.

  • SMS & call filtering

  • SIM Change notification

  • A complete anti-theft and tracking service

  • In case of losing or theft of your device, the Remote SMS commands feature works. You can trigger a siren, remotely lock the device or wipe the data and can also locate your device on map just by sending an SMS to it using a correct keyword.

    Since the app is hiding on your system so, can't be uninstalled easily.

    Find My Phone (for Windows Phones):

    In your Windows phone, Go to settings; then tap on Find my Phone and check the below two options:
  • Connect to these features faster

  • Save my location every few hours

  • This app tracks your phone's location, more precisely. Although it consumes a bit more battery yet it can be ignored when comparing worth of received benefits.

    In case you lose your device, take following actions for tracking:
  • Just navigate to and sign-in using your Windows Live ID.

  • Go to My Phone > Find My Phone

  • Now you can map your phone's location very easily. Here you can display a notification on it or erase the contents remotely or can lock it with a password.

    BlackBerry Protect (for BlackBerry devices):

    BlackBerry Protect is a free app download that is provided by BlackBerry App world. Besides keeping your phone's location, the app also backs up all your data and settings to the cloud.

    In case of misplace/ theft of your phone, you can navigate to and sign-in with your Black-Berry ID. Here you can get exact location of your phone on map or make the phone ring at full volume. All data can be deleted and phone can be locked with a password. The most beneficial feature of switching from one BlackBerry phone to another has also been provided. For this, download and sign in to 'BlackBerry Protect' on your new phone and it will automatically sync data associated with your ID to the new phone.

    Prey Project (For Smartphones):

    You can activate Prey on a smartphone by sending an SMS. Now you can remotely lock, track, display notification messages and raise an alarm on your device.

    In modern age of emerging technologies, a number of tracking devices available for online tracking of expensive gadgets. The technologies and services like Google map has crumbled the whole earth locations (latitude and longitudes) to a scrollable flat screen for presentation. Whereas, services like iCloud are efficient enough to best optimize the Google map services for completing meaningful tasks. One should use such technology to protect his expensive equipment and devices.

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