How to get a replacement SIM card for the new iPad

Do you own an iPad which you purchased from a specific provider but want to replace the SIM card later? Or, did you lose or damage your iPad micro-SIM card and want to get another one to replace the old one? Read this article to find out how to replace the SIM card in the Apple iPad.

When you sign up for a 3G service plan for your iPad, the service provider will give you the SIM card, provided you are signing up with a GSM network. If you purchased the iPad from a country where iPad is sold through the service providers like AT&T which uses GSM, it would come preloaded with SIM card. However, if you buy from CDMA providers like Verizon, you wouldn't get a micro-SIM card with your New iPad.

If you lost your SIM card or damaged it, you can buy replacement SIM cards directly from the service providers.

Replace micro-SIM card of iPad when you switch providers

If you switch your 3G data plan to another GSM service provider, you need to change the SIM card and replace it with a micro-SIM card from the new provider. Typically, when you sign up for a new data plan with another provider, you would get a new SIM card. All you have to do is, take out the old SIM card and put the new one in. Then you have to follow the instructions to activate the data plan. Each provider in every country may have different activation process. Typically, if you buy the data plan directly from the service provider, they will help you remove your old SIM card, insert new one and also activate the 3G data plan for your iPad.

Typically, the iPads sold in USA with GSM networks like AT&T are unlocked.. This means, you can buy a New iPad from USA and use it in other countries like UK and India. This also means you can switch to providers like T-mobile and use the micro-SIM card from T-Mobile with your iPad to connect to internet.

To connect your iPad to internet in other countries or other service providers, remove the original micro-SIM card from the iPad and insert the new micro-SIM card from the new service providers.

Buy replacement SIM card from AT&T

I purchased my iPad 2 from AT&T store in USA. It came preloaded with a Micro SIM card to use the 3G service provided by AT&T. However, I decided not to use the 3G service data plan from AT&T. So, the micro SIM card that came with the iPad 2 was of no use to me.

AT&T sells replacement SIM card for iPads at a price of US$ 15.

How to remove the old SIM card from the iPad 2

It is pretty straight forward to remove the old SIM card from iPad 2. Read and follow the steps below to take out the SIM card from an iPad. I haven't seen the New iPad from Apple yet, but I believe the process would be the same.

1. Remove all cables and connections from the iPad.

2. If your iPad has a case, carefully open the case and take out iPad from the case.

3. Turn off the iPad by holding the "Sleep" button on the top until the "Slide To Power Off" slider appears. Once you see the slider, slide it to turn off your iPad.

4. Locate the SIM slot in the side. If you are holding the iPad with the home button in the bottom, the SIM slot is located on the left side of the tablet, close to the bottom.

5. Press the small button on the micro-SIM slot to eject the SIM card.

6. Remove the micro-SIM card from the slot by pulling it outwards.

If you think you will return to the same data provider, you may keep the SIM card safe. If not, you can throw it away and use the new one.

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Guest Author: Marc28 Oct 2015

I am outside the country and am using the SIM card that was provided to use here. I misplaced my original SIM card. Can I get a new card when I return to the States? Will all my information still be in my iPad?

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