Lowest price for iPad 2 in USA - Buy iPad 2 for $299 at BestBuy

After the new iPad is launched, the iPad is available at reduced price in many stores. Learn more about the iPad 2 discounts and reduced price in various stores in USA.

The New iPad is in town. All Geeks are rushing to order their New iPad. But wait a minute. Do you really need to spend $600+ and get a new version of the iPad, when the just previous release of Apple iPad is still available in the market for about $200 less?

There are some improvements and enhancements in The New iPad. But remember the iPad 2 is just 1 year old and it can serve you well for next 2-3 years. If you are not so crazy about owning the latest gadget and you are keen on saving some bucks, the iPad 2 is for you.

iPad 2 discounts available

Many stores in USA have reduced the price for Apple iPad 2

Reduced Price for iPad 2 and Discounts

We recently published the discounts for iPad 2 in BestBuy and few other stores in USA. The iPad 2 was available in stores on discounted price because of the news of iPad 3.

Now the New iPad is in town and demand for iPad 2 has been significantly reduced. Many stores have started selling iPad 2 at reduced prices to make space for the new iPad stock.

See the discounted price list for iPad 2 in the retail stores in USA:

Buy iPad 2 from BestBuy at discounted price list as shown below:

Apple - iPad 2 with Wi-Fi - 16GB: $399.99
Apple - iPad 2 with Wi-Fi - 32GB: $499.99

Additional discounts for iPad 2 in BestBuy:

1. You can get $100 additional discount if you buy any mobile broadband device and sign up for any data plan. To get this additional discount for your iPad 2 from BestBuy, you need to add the iPad 2, any mobile broad band device and also a mobile data plan for 2 years. When you add these items together, an additional discount of US$ 100 will be applied to your iPad 2 in your cart.

You can buy the Samsung - 4G Mobile Hotspot (Verizon Wireless) just for US$ 49.99. The additional monthly data plan from Verizon would be $50 per month.

2. You can get a $100 discount on Tech Support from Geek Squad of BestBuy if you buy it with an iPad 2 purchase.

Apple iPad 2 at reduced price in Walmart

Walmart usually offer many electronic items at low price. However, iPad has the same standard price all over USA. However, since the announcement of New iPad, Walmart has reduced the price of iPad 2 by $100.

Discounted price of Apple iPad 2 in Walmart:

16GB Apple iPad 2 with Wi-Fi (Black or White): US$ 399

Lowest Price for iPad 2 in USA

The price of iPad 2in Walmart is 99 cents lower than the discounted price in BestBuy, without including the $100 discount for signing up for wireless broadband data plan for 2 years.

The lowest price for Apple iPad 2 as of today is $399 at Walmart

If you find the iPad 2 a lower price anywhere else, please let us know by posting a response below. We will be more than happy to include the information here.

Also, I believe the iPad 2 price will go down further in next few weeks. So if you are not in a hurry, wait a couple of weeks for a better deal.

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